How to become a Lateral entry teacher (quereinstieg lehramt)?

If you have always aspired to become a teacher, lateral entry teaching (quereinstieg lehramt) could be something that can interest you. Normally, in order to become a teacher, after the mainstream of education, one must pursue specialized courses to become teachers and take exams to qualify. But as a lateral entry teacher, you can start teaching immediately while obtaining your teaching license as you teach, without having to spend extra time on the training period.

Steps involved in becoming a lateral entry teacher:

Lateral entry teaching is also called as an “alternate route”. In order to become a lateral entry teacher, the applicant in question must possess a degree in a particular field of study with certain criteria specified by the respective universities or the education system of the specific country. Hence, in a nutshell, obtaining a degree in a specified field is the first step.

Ideally, the next step is to appear for the teacher training and clear the examination. This is done while specifically dedicating a few years for it. However, under the lateral entrant scheme, a lateral entry teacher obtains a teaching position immediately after the degree. This is done under the assumption that the teacher in question will obtain a teacher’s license in the next four years while teaching.

Once they are placed in a teaching position, they are then allotted the curriculum. This curriculum helps them in developing the competencies required in order to obtain a teaching certification. As a part of the coursework, the teachers are expected to get trained in theory, instructional technology, organizational skills of the classroom, and student management. The graduates who are lateral entry teachers are required to fulfill the competencies required in the first three years itself, although they have four whole years.

Lateral entry teachers are also expected to follow the same regulations as any other teacher with a certification. If the lateral entry teachers are placed in a public school, then it is mandatory to undergo a training session for two weeks. In case they don’t want to undergo the two weeks training, you can avoid it by submitting evidence of equivalent training.

The lateral entry teachers are granted a lateral entry license. For this to remain valid, the lateral entry teachers must meet the credit requirements within the first three years. During this entire period, their status remains like the beginning.


The lateral entry teachers are entitled to the same salary and benefits as the other teachers with certification are entitled to. The lateral entry teachers also fulfill the additional college courses during this period and become eligible for the certification. The school or establishment recruiting the lateral entry teachers must submit a joint application along with the teacher to the federal establishment. The teacher must complete an approved education program from a reputed institution. This institution will give guidelines as to what the teacher must earn in so far as extra credit is concerned. Certain credits can be replaced by successful teaching experience also. Thus, the lateral entry teachers start teaching immediately after their graduation while earning their certification alongside teaching.

Choosing an Atlantic City Resort

Atlantic City is famous for its oceanside Boardwalk. As such, most of the casino resorts in Atlantic City are located right on the Boardwalk. The other major resort section of Atlantic City, called the Marina District, is home to three resort-hotels that do not have immediate beach access, and can’t easily be accessed walking. The question is, how do you decide where to stay?

Boardwalk vs. Marina District

Atlantic City is home to America’s first boardwalk. It is the centerpiece of Atlantic City, and perhaps of the entire Jersey Shore. It is the jewel around which the rest of Atlantic City is built. Therefore, it is no surprise that today the Boardwalk hosts more of Atlantic City’s attractions than any other part of town. If you stay and play on the Boardwalk, you are in the middle of all the action. The resorts here have the major advantage of having direct Boardwalk and beach access. In addition, many of the resorts are interconnected in such a way that you can explore them without ever setting foot outside.

On the other hand, the Marina District compensates for a more remote location by having generally upscale amenities. Atlantic City’s best overall resort, The Borgata, is located in the Marina District. The other two resorts in the Marina District are Harrah’s Resort and Trump Marina. Every other resort is on the Boardwalk a few miles away.

What to Look For in a Resort

With so many resort choices both on the strip and off the strip, how does one choose where to stay? While the resorts vary on some key points, they are largely similar in the amenities they may offer.

Price – Most people start to look at accommodations based on their price, which surprisingly don’t vary as much from resort to resort, but rather from night to night. Winter weeknights can be very cheap, and summer weekends can cost many hundreds of dollars. If price is your primary concern, you can probably find good deals at all resorts during off-peak times. The Borgata is generally the most expensive overall.

Size – Atlantic City resorts are large, and generally range between about one and two thousand guest rooms divided into one or more “towers”. The minimum guest room count to obtain a gambling license in New Jersey is 500, but most resorts more than double this requirement. The Borgata, Tropicana, Trump Taj Mahal, and Bally’s are among the largest resorts.

Casino – A large casino can be impressive but very daunting. Moreover, larger casino floors don’t tend to have different games, but rather more of the same games. Therefore, a 60,000 square foot casino probably has the same kinds of games as a 100,000+ square foot casino, just on a smaller scale. Casino loyalty programs are also popular reasons to choose a particular resort. If somebody has complimentary bonuses at a particular hotel or hotel chain, they may wish to visit that casino. Bally’s casinos combine to make the largest overall casino floor in Atlantic City.

Food – Gambling is the main attraction in Atlantic City, and unfortunately dining options take a back seat. However, all resorts have several (sometimes more than five or six) dining choices, running the gamut from buffet or cafeteria to upscale fine cuisine. Though there are a few highlights for restaurants in Atlantic City worthy of resort-hopping, visitors can stick to the restaurants in their resort, as they will likely have a fine selection. The Borgata has some of the finest restaurants in the city.

The ABCs of Gambling Authenticity

The gambling picture in America can be taken back to centuries. Gambling has remained a part of the American dream life ever since the setting up of lotteries. Millions of dollars switch hands at gambling tables. Internet has played a key role in making gaming famous and making it reach all sorts of people. Casinos are the main centers for gambling in America. They are generating a lot of money and the industry is seen as a likely venture. It can be assumed that gaming in casinos is present all over America.

Now cities are coming up with full set up casinos, amusement parks, deluxe hotels, and amazing restaurants. These are the most wanted destinations of eager and new gamblers.

A gaming order set up in every state regulates this big business and so there is an eye scrutinizing them. Betting has found its way avoiding the rule of law. Charitable gambling is common. Each city organizes a lottery or bingo event. The charitable boards take care that charitable gaming organizations stick to their purpose.

Internet gambling is taking big strides in America. Even though the US justice department has defined it as an offense however there is no clear action against the offenders. The internet gambling is worse as it reaches in to the deepest territory. The obsessed gamblers find easy entrance to gambling sites. Intense researches are going on to come across the monetary and public impact of gambling. The law has to be brought inside the structure of the legislation.

The players and the betting promotional companies have come up with cruise gambling. It is a dual advantageous technique for the gamblers. Firstly, it attracts a lot high number of people due to the special features of such tours. Secondly it takes the prospect of gamble in to the waters of the country. This has brought complications for the law makers. The government is doing the best it can but as long as it is giving revenues to the states; gambling is here to stay.

Where To Play Roulette

If you’ve been playing roulette online for a while and were wondering if there might be some better or more interesting places to play the game online, then I guess you’ve come to the right place. There are a whole slew of online casinos that offer video roulette, and depending on what you’re after you should find something that suits your tastes.

As far as the actual gameplay is concerned, you won’t find any differences apart from the fact that some host American roulette and some host European, though if you can I always advise you stick to European roulette because you get much better odds than with the American version.

If you haven’t yet checked it out, I always recommend you seek out Casino-On-Net just because I think it has one of the simplest gameplays out there and one of the prettiest and most functional interfaces and is generally simple enough to be used by just about anyone. It’s also by far the biggest casino online today so you’ll never ever have to worry about them running dodgy software or ripping you off, they get audited and checked more than anyone does.

Also with Casino-On-Net, they’ve got a Ladies gambling area all decked out in horrible amounts of pink if you’re so inclined to immerse yourself in a lavish cyan world. There’s nothing different about the general gameplay, apart from the fat it’s all pink and white. Go figure.

If you’re an American however, you won’t be able to login to either of those casinos as they ban American players due to the gaming laws in your country.

Another nice casino that runs well, looks good and actually accepts Americans is Rushmore Casino. This one has been a favourite of mine for quite some time and I’ve made a lot (and lost a bit) of money while gambling there, though I always seem to go back.

But if it’s total winning power and fairness you’re after, go for BetFair as it’s the only casino I know of in existence that doesn’t have a house edge on their roulette tables. That’s as good an excuse to gamble at a casino that I’ve ever heard in my life.

The History Of Online Video Poker

Those interested in online video poker might be interested to know that video poker itself actually predates the World Wide Web and the Internet (at least as it exists today) by over twenty years. Poker and its many variants has long been one of the most popular of all casino games of course, and online video poker has brought that venerable form of card play into the computer age.

A Short History of Poker

No one is quite sure where poker originated, although a similar game, known as nas, has been played in Iran for thousands of years. It may have been introduced in the U.S. by Persian sailors making port in New Orleans back in the 1820s. The earliest references to poker in America are from the memoirs of an English actor who played in that city in 1829. From there, the game spread northward aboard the famous Mississippi riverboats, and eastward and westward along the Ohio, Cumberland and Missouri.

Not surprisingly, video poker is perhaps one of the earliest “computer games,” and its development was parallel and contemporaneous with that of the personal computer in the 1970s. Online video poker is a direct descendant of those early (and relatively primitive) electronic games. Video poker went online at the beginning of the Internet Age in the early 1990’s, and was actually played between real people in real time over Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks.

Today, online video poker is perhaps one of the most popular of all online casino games. Since 2003, the number of video poker players in virtual, online card rooms has grown exponentially.

How Does It Compare to the “Real Thing”?

Aside from the fact that you can play alone using your personal, private Internet connection, the video poker casino game as it is played online is no different than playing in an actual casino or card room. Just like “real” poker, online video poker has a dealer – in this case, a “virtual” one – who hands you your initial hand. You can then discard and receive new cards, ante, raise and call the same way.

Will I Be Ripped Off?

If you’re worried that online video poker is “rigged,” you should know that video poker is the most honest of all online casino games. One of the reason is that the major online video poker sites are publicly-traded companies, and therefore subject to many S.E.C. regulations, and are accountable to shareholders. Such a company that attempts to “rig” a video poker casino game and is discovered may find itself heavily fined and its corporate officers facing felony charges.

Gartner Says 4G Is A Technology In Search Of A Business Case

Speaking at the Gartner Mobile and Wireless summit in London, Gartner research vice-president Ian Keene said that five key wireless technologies are likely to emerge in the next five years to make the lives of anyone managing wireless networks even more complicated.

In the personal space, Bluetooth will be joined by Zigbee for low-power telemetry with batteries that last months or years.

Office wireless LANs will finally see 802.11n along side the b, g and sometimes a standards we have today. However, at 300MBPS, Wi-Fi N will require Gigabit Ethernet to the access point and in many cases new Power over Ethernet systems to deliver the increased power requirements needed. For the wide area network, a combination of copper, fibre and WiMAX will be creeping in. “Not WiMAX as mobile, but WiMAX as a fixed solution,” he stressed.

For the mobile arena, today we have moved from GPRS to EDGE to WCDMA, pockets of HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access, sometimes called 3.5G) and the promise of HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access). In some parts of Asia and the United States, companies will also need a CDMA strategy. Then there is the future potential of WiMAX.

Despite the hype, 4G is still not here today and already it is questionable if it makes economic sense to invest in the backhaul for today’s HSDPA and HSUPA mobile broadband.

802.16d fixed WiMAX might well die in the trough of disillusionment and be replaced by mobile WiMAX 802.16e in fixed installations which will deliver greater economies of scale.

Keene said that the entire mobile market was up until now driven by hype. Vendors are pushing new products to operators to invest a lot of money in scared that their competition will invest in it and succeed with something they do not have.

Today, the GSM family together has 79 percent of connections as of the end of 2006. This is significant as these operators will likely evolve with the GSM family to 3G WCDMA, HSPA and to LTE as they will need backward compatibility as their networks evolve.

For 3G, Gartner forecast that the GSM family would capture 89 percent of worldwide connections, some one billion by 2011. Meanwhile pre-3G GSM continues to grow in developing countries and the entire family will reach around four billion user by then.

However, the question is not just GSM versus CDMA, but there are emerging IP-based technologies such as WiMAX, municipal Wi-Fi and other proprietary stuff that is vying for the next 4G standard.

Better Heat Exchanger Cleaning Through Technology

Maintenance of a platform’s Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) and similar shell and tube heat exchangers can be an extremely dangerous process. It needs to be disconnected, taken off line, and moved to shore for repair. Shell and tube heat exchangers are made of coiled tubes and can become fouled with carbon deposits. The traditional methods for clearing the blockage include bypassing the fouled unit, cutting off bends and cleaning the tubes, then re-welding the U-bends, and complete unit replacement.

The old methods are becoming more outmoded due to advancements in technology. It is inefficient to bypass the unit. Just as it would be less efficient to run your car with 2 cylinders not firing. This inefficiency, of course, also increases operational costs. It is time consuming and costly to cut the U-bends and re-weld them. Sometimes it can be difficult or impossible to get access to reattach them.

Some of these new methods include the ability to clean areas with limited access, and clear deposits from U-bends without ever removing them. This can sometimes be done without even taking the unit offline, and usually takes less time and results in a higher degree of defouling. In fact, many units can be restored to near-factory efficiency. For big refineries, petro-chemical plants, or power plants, this can amount to six figure savings.

The U-bends themselves also retain many deposits, and continue to be a bottleneck to the system. Full replacement carries the cost of completely replacing equipment that, other than the heat exchanger tube fouling, is still in working order. This method also requires the unit be taken offline for the full duration of replacement. obviously this carries a heavy expense and serious loss of production.

Traditional heat exchanger cleaning methods and heat exchanger cleaning equipment have changed very little over the last few decades. Pressure jetting is still the primary means used by many companies, but it is slow, inefficient, and ultimately very costly. Additionally, many companies are skeptical of newer methods, falling back on the “that’s the way it’s always been done,” chain of logic. They are also weary of trying new techniques that are not as “proven” to be effective. Finally, many have long term tube cleaning contracts that do not allow for a change in heat exchanger cleaning technique, unless the contractor were to adopt the new methods.

Newer heat exchanger cleaning equipment and techniques are more technologically advanced, and by extension, require a higher skilled laborer than old style pressure jetting. These new developments include the ability to clean tight radius bends, clean units while keeping them in place, and even while keeping them online. It has also resulted in faster, more efficient cleaning. Many tube bundles can now be cleaned more effectively than with pressure jetting, and jobs that used to take days may now take only a few hours. Difficult to access units are now accessible with these new technologies.

Make Money Online – Be Ahead in Technology

Online = Technology. How can you make money online without even knowing how to use the Internet or at least the computer? Anyway that’s not my main topic. My main topic is that in order to make money online, you need to embrace technology. Find out what’s the latest technological tools that people are using to get head of the competition. Technology are actually meant to make things more productive and efficient.

Web 2.0 seem to be the latest thing to hit the online community. Even blogs are considered part of web 2.0. So what is Web 2.0? It is those social networking sites that you are seeing online like Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Squidoo etc… All these belong to an arsenal of Web 2.0 tools that people are now using to increase blog traffic so why not use it since it’s available and most people are using?

One of the things you can do is to sign up for accounts with the more popular social networking sites. Start an account and do up your profile, not forgetting to leave your blog address behind for people to click on. Take advantage of Web 2.0 to build relationship and credibility with the people you meet or socialize online. Maybe they are now your competitors but who knows one day they might become your partners? If they are your partners, you have one less competitor to overcome so it makes making money online easier, probably even make more money as a result? You are killing two birds with one stone.

Consciousness and Technology

Throughout philosophical discussions concerning technology the concept of “human nature,” and its influence, are often referenced. Upon examining consciousness within a technological context the idea of a loss of humanity or individuality continually arises. Curiously, this seems to imply something very strange – specifically that the major trends of human nature are ultimately leading to its own demise. The abstraction of human characteristics and qualities, such as talent and emotion, which emerges from the influence of human nature on technology, causes a reasonable sense of fear and unnaturalness in most people. It’s clear and obvious that the world is rapidly changing in a way that history has never felt before. Socially, environmentally, and even spiritually, humankind is experiencing a metamorphosis. Issues that have stirred the minds of fanatics and dreamers for centuries are finally coming to a boil. Despite this, we may find consolation in the idea that perhaps human beings are simply a stepping-stone in the bigger picture, and that quality which we refer to as ‘humanity,’ actually derives from the whole of the cosmos and will be survived regardless of the fate of the 46 chromosomed machines that claim it as their exclusive birthright.

The twenty-first century is understood to be a pivotal moment in the history of humankind. Through technology human nature is being altered and we begin to face issues that never before existed. In a talk given by Sir Martin Rees, it is argued that this may be our last century on Earth (1). Discussing the immense future lying ahead of us, Rees explains that complexity and intelligence have far to go even here still on earth, not to mention into the depths of space. A main tenet of his argument entails that for the first time humans are able to materially change themselves, and the planet on a global scale. With the arrival of the internet, complexity and abundance of information has sky-rocketed. Slowly, digital information is becoming more important than material things (consider cash versus electronic banking, etc.). Perhaps this transition is also affecting humanity itself. Our own ability, and desire, to change ourselves may in the end result in the loss of ourselves. Bioengineering and bionics aside, I assert that most vital role will be played by the systems we create in this ‘infinite game.’ Humanity itself is based on information systems, in various regards. Our physical selves result from genetic information. Our minds, our consciousness, are all essentially information processed through a system. Everything that defines humanity seems to be compatible.

Interestingly enough, there is already a website that is devoted to “the putative future process of copying one’s mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans.” “The Mind Uploading Webpage, (2)” also details a list of various issues and questions that seem to arise from the concept, including personal identities, brain enhancements, and artificial realities. What future does a website like this promise in the developing context of web 3.0 and beyond? Imagine once something like this invades our everyday lifestyle – the explicit and intentional outsourcing of the human brains. The reason why I have focused so much on this mental outsourcing and expansion of humanity is because it points to result in something even more complex than the sum of its parts. The various digital systems that humanity has begun to embrace, interconnected within a system itself (which will ultimately be a descendant of today’s internet), will itself eventually develop into a conscious, sentiment being. As described in an article from the New York Times by Jim Holt, something as simple as a rock may “be viewed as an all-purpose information processor.”

Why Being Proactive About Health Is Important

Traditions are hard to break. They are born of cultures, entertainment, society, geography, and generational habits. In western countries, when it comes to health, the tradition is to wait until there are some symptoms, and then go to the doctor to be treated. A person then buys the medicine from the pharmacy and follows the instructions on the way to recovery.

Maybe this tradition goes back to the way some students dealt with finals in high school or college. For some, school was a time of fellowship and fun, and not too much worry about books, until the week before the final. Then, it was… push, push, push… to try to cram enough in to overcome a semester of bad study habits. It would have been easier to study daily. Then, being ready for the exam would have been a natural outgrowth of daily habits.

Likewise good health habits are better done on a daily basis, than waiting for a crisis that drives someone to the doctor or emergency room. People tend to know when they need to change their lifestyle. The pounds begin to pile up. Weight is not as easy to lose. Headaches may be a little more frequent. Constipation may become a more serious issue. Sleep habits are interrupted. The stomach and digestive tract is uncomfortable after eating. Energy levels may be lower, with sugar highs and lows. Rarely does sickness come without some kind of warning symptoms first.

For that reason, when a person begins to notice that health is slipping, it is a good time to begin to be proactive about health. It is time to begin to study what constitutes good health and a good diet. It is time to implement good health practices.

While some may feel that that is too much bother, the fact is, health is one of the most important assets anyone can have. Some would say money is very important, and that is true. However, without health, a person cannot keep a job to earn money. Or, a person is limited in what type of job he or she can hold. Furthermore, in cases of ongoing sickness, even if a person still has some kind of earning capacity, or someone in the house has some earning capacity, sickness will eat up money in the way of medical expenses and the need to hire extra help of one kind or another during the duration of the sickness. Therefore, being proactive about health is very important to one’s life, and the life of those of nearest kin. The best time to think about being proactive about health is now.