2007 European Car Crown Goes To…?

The search for the best car in Europe is scheduled to end on the 13th day of November. The final battle for the ‘2007 European Car Crown’ is made up of 8 contenders – Honda Civic, Volvo C30, Ford S-Max, Citroen C4 Picasso, Fiat Grande Punto, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 207 and Skoda Roomster. These cars are tested by several experts in the automotive world to gauge which of them is deserving of the most coveted car title in Europe. On said date, the impressive car will be crowned.

Usually, the final round of said competition is made up of 7 contenders. This year, it was increased to 8. The reason behind the extension is the organizer’s state of indecision regarding the unlucky one to be eradicated. To settle it, the organizers persuaded with the 8 vehicles. It can be recalled that at the beginning of the competition, there were 41 cars. However, the rest were slashed to retain the cream of the crop.

The European Car Crown competition dates back to 1964. Rover 2000 was then proclaimed the first car to win in said competition. Fiat, on one hand, has been crowned 8 times. It is closely followed by Renault with 6 winning. However, contenders like Honda, Volvo and Skoda have not tasted triumph in this particular car competition. But according to some automotive critics, Honda has now a better chance through its civic.

The 2007 Civic, according to the automaker, will not be having significant alterations. Honda will also introduce new Honda Civic Si Sedan, which will be given the powertrain setup of the Coupe. Volvo C30, on one hand, has entertained the concept of delivering a taste of chic and sporty car. In this regard, C30 was made more upbeat, youthful and stylish by modifying Volvo C70 parts. “From its inception, the Volvo C30 Project was focused on one primary demographic group: Young urbanites with accelerating careers and intensive, active lifestyles. Customer clinics allowed these people to voice their opinions and give their views on the car’s design and technical content,” says Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Cars. Please visit CarSite.co.uk for purchasing Car Parts


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