4 Factors To Consider When Picking A Mini Cake For Delivery In Singapore 


Cakes are delicacies that many of us enjoy on special occasions. Although they are primarily associated with birthdays, they are still treats we can indulge ourselves with whenever we want to. The best part about cakes is that they are meant to be cut into slices and shared with others. However, picking out a cake can be tricky when you don’t know what to buy and what factors to consider. To help make the process easier, here is a list of things you should consider before deciding on a mini cake for delivery in Singapore.

1. Occasion 

Firstly, you need to remind yourself what the reason is behind buying the cake in the first place. Are you buying a cake for a Christmas eve celebration or your best friend’s birthday? If this is a cake that is meant for a Christmas eve celebration, then you can at least minimise your options and think about the flavours that most people like. Buying a chocolate cake or a vanilla lemon cake would be the best option for events with large gatherings since all generally love these flavours. You can also order for tart delivery from Singapore for additional treats. If the cake is for your best friend’s birthday, then it’s best to get the flavour that they particularly favour. 

2. Ingredients

The ingredients of a cake aren’t usually necessary, but they can be for those who have particular preferences. An example of this could be that a vegetarian would want a sugar free cake from Singapore rather than a cake that does have sugar. If you are worried about people who are lactose intolerant but still want a cake that packs a lot of flavours, there are chocolate cakes that use an eggless and dairy-free recipe! 

3. Decorations

In relation to the occasion, you can also get a cheesecake through delivery in Singapore that has decorations related to the holiday you’re supposedly celebrating. You can have a cake topper that reads “boy or girl” if your cake is meant for a baby shower with a gender reveal at the end of the party. Miniature animals can also join the candle on the cake if the birthday celebrant is a child.

4. Size

The size of your vegan cake from Singapore should also be taken into consideration when you’re dealing with a certain number of people. If you buy the cake only for yourself, then you can settle with a mini cake that can still be shared with some of your family members at home. However, mini cakes obviously won’t do well at parties, so it’s recommended that you have an idea of how many people will be eating the cake in order to estimate how many tiers it should have.

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