4 Reasons to Consider Keeping Chickens

Some people have dogs, others have cats. Still others keep horses, goats, and even reptiles – without being farmers or exotic pet specialists. Well, now it’s your turn. You can keep chickens. Best of all, you can have a lot of fun doing it. Chickens are among the friendliest animals to have around the house.

Most of us probably think of chickens as being only on the farm. Yes, they do need some space, but you may have all the space they need in your back garden. And if you are willing to learn how to take care of chickens, you could turn your yard into your very own bird sanctuary.

Still not convinced? Then check out these four reasons to consider keeping chickens:

1. Chickens Are Inexpensive

For a lot of people, expense is a big factor when it comes time to settling on the family pet. The wonderful thing about chickens is that they are inexpensive to obtain and keep. You can get chicks for less than $10 apiece. And once you grow your little chicks into adults, they will take care of the rest. You will not have to put a ton of money into vet care and grooming like you do some other kinds of animals.

When it comes to feeding chickens, a good feed is all you need. You can search for chicken feed for sale in your area or order it online. There are plenty of companies, like Talking Hens, that will ship chicken feed virtually anywhere.

You will need some sort of home to keep your chickens in but building a coop doesn’t have to cost a lot either. And of course, you can save a little money elsewhere. Imagine not having to buy eggs at the grocery store because your chickens provide more than you need.

2. Chickens Are Good for Your Yard

It is a safe bet you are not really fond of pests that get into your garden or make it hard to keep a beautiful lawn. Well, chickens can be a big help here too. Let them loose and they will go looking for pests to supplement their diets. Chickens are very good at keeping pests away from gardens. Your chickens will even leave some beneficial fertilizer behind.

3. Chickens Are Entertaining Companions

You might not think to look at them, but chickens actually make very good companions. They are quite chatty most of the time and equally entertaining as they go about their business. One thing you will notice if you observe them long enough is that chickens have a distinct political structure. You’ll see that play out in the way they relate to one another.

Chickens can be quite friendly once they get to know you. So plan on them coming up to your door, following you around the yard, standing guard when you trim the shrubs, and so forth. They’ll make themselves members of your family in no time at all.

4. Keeping Chickens is Educational

Finally, keeping chickens is educational for adults and kids alike. The education starts when the baby chicks arrive. You’ll immediately have to go about finding chicken feed for sale, setting up a cozy home, and nurturing those little chicks into adulthood.

Both adults and kids can learn a lot about the animal world by keeping chickens. Kids can especially benefit by learning adult responsibilities. It is an amazing thing to see kids and chickens growing and learning from one another. It’s just not quite the same, from an educational standpoint, when the family pet is a dog or cat.


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