A complete beginner’s guide of Call of duty: Black Ops Col war

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 Call of duty is one of the fascinating battle royale game and is trending on every game streaming platforms. The series that is quite hot at this time is Black Ops cold war, and millions of people are curious about the concept of the game. The idea of the game is quite essential as it is a first-person shooting game, the game was developed by Treyarch and Raven software, and the game is available on plenty of platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, stream and many others. 

You might be wondering that how can we download the game? Platforms like the stream and official website of the game allow you to download the game. The downloading process is relatively easy, and you don’t have to do any sort of hard work. There are plenty of tips that you can follow in order to become a better player, and one of the most crucial information that you can follow is cold war hacks. Below mentioned is everything you need to know about the COD game; let’s get started.


Locations are one of the most crucial aspects of the Call of duty: Black Ops cold war, and there are tons of sites that are present in the game. The locations and visuals of the game are so real that it gives you a seamless experience of gaming; you might even get goosebumps while playing the game. 


The existence of multiplayer mode spices up the joy of playing these games; moreover, there is a chat window that allows you to communicate with different people. There are tons of battle modes that are available in the game. You are entitled to fight in 6V6 and 12v12 ways, and these modes embrace the joy of playing these games. Moreover, there is a mode in the game that allows you to play 40 players together at the very same time. 

Personalize your avatars

The avatars intensify the gaming experience of the COD game, and your avatar represents your gameplay. There are few avatars in the game that have some special powers; moreover, you are allowed to customize the characters accordingly. Some of the customizable items are free, and some are paid; that is where the magic lies in the cold war hacks; you are allowed to buy these paid items for free with the help of these hacks.

Guns and weapons 

These are the essential aspect of the games, and without these, you are not able to play the game. There are tons of weapons in the game, and the damage points may vary from weapon to weapon. The training session is the place for you if you want to master each and every gun you come across. Some firearms have the most significant damage, and when you confront any enemy with these guns, higher chances are that you will win that combat.

Final words 

In a nutshell, Call of duty: black ops cold war is worth investing resources, and there are plenty of real-life benefits of playing these games. However, as a beginner, it might be complicated for you to understand the mechanism of the game at the very first glance. The above mentioned are complete beginners guide that you can follow, so what are you waiting for? Download the competition and make your leisure time happening.


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