A quick overview of divorce laws in Georgia 

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Marriages are meant to last forever. In the real world, couples grow apart or often end up in circumstances, when divorce becomes an eventuality. If you want to file for divorce in Georgia, knowing the basic laws is important. While DIY divorce is always an option, there are benefits of having legal support that cannot be denied. In your own interest, you should consider hiring a skilled and experienced Winder divorce lawyer. Here is an overview of the basic divorce laws in the state. 

 No-fault divorce and Residency

Georgia follows the no-fault divorce laws. This simply means that a couple can file for divorce because their marriage has broken down or they have irreconcilable differences. In other words, you don’t have to blame your spouse to get a divorce. However, there are several grounds to ask for divorce, including adultery. Either or both of the spouses must have lived in Georgia for at least six months before they can file papers. 

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

There are several matters in a divorce that must be discussed in depth for the spouses to come to an agreement. The list includes division of property, child custody, child support, and alimony. If you are contemplating divorce, your first goal should be about protecting your rights, while avoiding a contested divorce to the best possible extent. In case of a contested divorce, the outcomes may not be as favorable as you want, which is why it is best to come to a settlement that works for both. 

Arbitration and Mediation

In case of arbitration, an arbiter is appointed to hear both spouses and works as a judge, to decide on important factors. This is an option for couples who want to keep the divorce matters out of court. Mediation is also similar in that context, but in this case, a third-party mediator will try to mediate between the spouses, so that they come to an agreement. However, a third-party mediator cannot make final decisions like an arbiter can. 

Get a divorce lawyer

You need to have a divorce lawyer by your side, to ensure that you don’t take impulsive decisions or decide on matters based on emotions alone. Your lawyer can take things ahead and negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer as needed, so the divorce process doesn’t get complicated for either party. 

Just make sure that the divorce lawyer you hire has experience and knows your circumstances in depth. 


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