A Sunroom Makes An Excellent Home Improvement Project Due To Their Rising Popularity

It is estimated that over half-a-million Americans are building
sunrooms each year, with the rooms being used for a variety of
functions. Sunrooms have a lot of windows. These room are designed
to get a maximum amount of sunlight. The term Sunrooms, solariums or
garden rooms are synonymous.

Sunrooms have universal appeal and can be added to almost any home.
Sunrooms are popular additions to homes because of their beauty and
functionality. A sunroom can serve several functions. Sunrooms can
provide an extension of the home for a family room or entertaining.
A sunroom will allow natural light into a kitchen or bath area.

Some homeowners build a sunroom to enclose a pool or spa. For instance my next door neighbor added a sunroom for her children. She tells me that the children can always enjoy the outdoor
play activities despite the hot sun or rain. The sunroom allows
the other parts of the house to stay neat and tidy because I no
longer need my living space for the day-to-day children activities.

Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors without actually being
outside. In the spring and summer, families can enjoy the sun
without being exposed to harmful sun rays. Some families host
beautiful candle light parties in their sunroom.

The cost of building and installing a sunroom can range from
$8,000 to as much as $50,000 depending on the size, type and
added features. This is a big investment but the addition of
a sunroom pays for itself in several ways.

1) The family has more usable living space.

2)The addition adds value to the home

3) The ability to enjoy the outdoors without being outdoor

4) Enjoy your living space all year-round

5) The kids can have parties outside

6) Protection from bugs

7) Climate control

A Sunroom is an excellent home improvement project. They are gaining
in popularity because the cost of a sunroom is lower than the cost for
a traditional addition to the house. Home improvement project increase as Americans spend more time at home. The popular home improvement shows spur the imagination of homeowners. A sunroom enhances the beauty and value of your home and is an important part of your home

From my own experiences I consider getting a sunroom the best thing we’ve ever done. Going to my
sunroom is like being swept away to a beautiful island. I always
feel like I’m on vacation. I know its part of the house but it makes
me feel like I have transported to another place and time.


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