“All You Need To Know About Moon Lamps”


While sounding like a poetry phrase, moon lamps are a bit more practical. Everyone loves to walk under the moonlight. Some people even mark their memories with their effects. The lunar-resembling lamps are designed to create the poetic ambient of moonlight inside your home. These Australian lamps are great designs for outdoor use as well; you can set up on your porch and hang them out of the yard’s treehouse; where ever you want to use these lamps, you can treat yourself with the unlimited beauty of the moon itself. You may be wondering about the function and other relevant details of these lamps. Here are some mentionable details about your moon;

Jupiter moons and earth lunar

These moons are inspired by Galileo; of course, he didn’t design these lamps, but he discovered Jupiter moons. This is where the tasteful designers of these Lunar Effects moon lamps have found their seed idea of creativeness. That is why these moons are designed in four different sizes. The smallest moon is about 8cm, making it a perfect choice to be placed almost everywhere. The next moon sizes are 12 cm, 18 cm, 15 cm and then the biggest of them, 20 cm moon.

However, our own moon is one of the most beautiful moons ever discovers (and probably among the ones to be discovered). While designers were inspired by the Galilean size aspect, they incorporated the earth’s moon familiar beauty; glow and the unequal designs on its surface.

Durability and safety

These lamps have been designed to be a part of your life for quite sometimes. The material that has been used in its structure is PVC. Which makes it a durable option. If you have children and pets, you don’t have to be worried about your lamp accidental falls; unlike glass lamps, if lunar PVC lamps will not create any damage in case of accidental collapse.

Another factor is that these moon lamps are wireless; decreasing the possibility of wire entangling and consequently creating in-house accidents.

Wireless moon

As previously mentioned, these moons are wireless; you can keep them in accordance with your home style and design. This factor makes moon lamps a perfect addition to your garden ornamental beauty. Being wireless allows its free portability in and out of your house.


In the original purchase of your lunar lamps, you receive a USB charger along with it. There is a USB charging port at the bottom of the moon; where it has been kept invisible to avoid hindering its shining beauty. The charging port details are DCM5V / 1A.  you can keep your moon in charge until here is full charge indication. It would take approximately about three hours to charge your moon. However, once it is charging, you can use it for double the charging times; that means you would get the lunar light up to 6 hours.

The battery in the moon is of high-quality material to prevent discharging. moon lamp batteries are; 300mAh / 3.7V.


Since the lunar lamps have been inspired by the true moon of earth, they come with the same color as we see in a super full moon night. There are three shades of color available in these laps; cool white color expressing the crispy winter nights, warm white for the hearty autumn full moon and warm yellow to remind us of those warm summer beach nights.

Additional feature

These stunningly Australian moon lamps have some additional qualities to intensify their customer’s moon experience. Here are some mentionable features offered by the Lunar Effects;


  • On and off button

For a chargeable lamp, this option may seem like an obvious one. Although the reason it has been added as one of the moon lamps qualities is its sensor touch. The moon lamp designers have taken great care to prevent mixing technological details with their artistic moons. You can find the off and on the button at the bottom of your newly purchased moon. Make sure your moon lamp is charged at first. Then you can place your finger on top of this sensor to control off and on status.

  • Wooden stand

A round and lovely moon needs something to be held with. Our moon in the sky uses the solid and gorgeous earth as its learnable stance. When you purchase a Lunar Effects moon lamp, there is an engraved wooden stand that comes in the product’s package. This wooden stand has been carefully structured to compliment the splendor of your moon. Each one is engraved with the moon lamp name you have purchased.

  • Free delivery

While this company is located in Australian territory, they generously offer a free delivery service to all its customers across Australia. You will be given a tracking number to help you prepare for your shining package.

They offer delivery to other countries, but it involves an extra cost for shipping.


  • 30-day guarantee

it is unlikely you won’t like your moon, but the company gives you an opportunity to choose. In case of not being satisfied with your purchase or receiving faulty pieces, there is a 30-day cash back guarantee. They trust in their products and they trust in their customers.

  • eco-friendly

Australians are known for caring for nature; they have incorporated an eco-friendly PVC material in their moon’s structure. This is to avoid any unfriendly and toxic material exposure to your home and nature. All material used is 100 percent recyclable.


While our moon offers infinite glamour added to our night sky, you can benefit the same light and beauty in the comfort of your home. Many people use these lamps to add a sense of serenity and composure. You can achieve this peace even through the day; you can shut the curtains and turn your lunar light on. If you are a person who meditates or you love to create a peaceful ambiance in your home, these lamps are just for you.

Feel like you’re ready to purchase? Then head over to www.lunareffects.com to get yours now.



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