Are Online Casinos Replacing Physical Locations?

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There has been no denying the extremely fast rise of many of the biggest online casinos over the past few years since the mobile space has taken over, but that growth was certainly multiplied over this past year as many sites like these have found plenty of success. But as offline casinos begin to open their doors once again, the question being asked by many is whether or not they can find full recovery in the digital era – but are online casinos replacing physical locations?

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A huge variety of games is certainly having an impact – Many of the biggest services have been able to set themselves apart simply from the games on offer – with thousands of different titles and a number of different variations of the biggest games, it’s no surprise that they’re finding the growing success as something that offline casinos are unable to replicate. With additional features such as the ability to play multiple games at the same time too, it’s providing a very unique experience to the online space and may be something that continues to separate both online and offline services as a whole, and something to encourage players to stick to the online services. 

Ease of access has been key too – One of the downsides to brick-and-mortar locations has always been within accessibility – not all players are able to travel to a live casino to play, and fewer yet can afford the big expensive trips to do so, and that’s where the online market has been key – a simple tap of a button and you’re already in the games, and has allowed the much wider audience to make the transition and could be a prime reason why online casinos continue to replace offline locations, many may return to older habits simply for nostalgia, but this ease of access has been more impactful than many of the other features.

Live content has helped raise awareness for a much wider audience – Whilst the services are more than well known already, a little extra publicity never hurts – the growth of online content produced for platforms like YouTube and Twitch have put the content creator spin on the games too and provided a greater look at how many of the favourite games function. With thousands of daily viewers across a number of different online channels, it has had a huge impact on getting some of the bigger online casino services the exposure they may have needed, and to the further growth.

There have been suggestions that the change seen could certainly become more permanent, but that’s yet to be seen with numbers initially staying much higher for pre-bookings and other factors leading to perhaps a period of time where brick-and-mortar locations could remain popular – either way, the future certainly seems to be set in the online space and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


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