Benefits Associated With The Use Of Neon Signs

Popular for decades as mediums of business promotion, neon signs are bright, they are inexpensive and they are extremely effective. Basically consisting of a glass tube filled with a combination of neon and some other type of gas, neon tubes can be given any shape as desired. When connected to an electrical outlet, these tubes produce neon illumination; a bright, radiant and eye-catchy iridescence which makes for an excellent medium for business endorsement and promotion.

In fact neon signs have certain definite benefits over the traditionally made signages like:

  • High visibility: Since they emit a very high degree of luminescence, they are eye-catchy and visible from a long distance. Since eyes get naturally drawn to the light when it is dark, installing a neon sign makes a huge difference to the visibility of the business. This quality is particularly beneficial to small and medium businesses since the use of neon signs makes them stand out.
  • Flexibility of design: The fact that neon sign tubes can be bent into any shape or size makes it easy to customize them. Thus they can be molded easily into a variety of colours and designs thereby making it a perfect medium for business logos. Coupled with the fact that these neon signs are quite inexpensive, they make for the perfect additions to The Company
  • Perfectly usable at night: The high visibility of the different colours of neon lights makes it visible both during the day and especially during the night. While setting up extra illumination for a traditional sign is an alternative option, the expenses involved are quite high when compared to the use of neon signs which are quite inexpensive but doubly effective.
  • Inexpensiveness: Neon is abundantly available in the universe and it is this mass abundance which makes it so affordable. The absence of a filament combined with the fact that no electricity is wasted since neon signs never ever get heated up, makes them easily outlast the commonly used light bulbs. In fact these neon lights consume only about 90 watts of the normal wall current while traditional bulbs consume about 900 watts which is about 10times more.
  • Wide range of operation: Neon signs are also not affected by voltage fluctuations since they have a wide range of operation. This also means that they are perfectly safe to use, both indoors and outdoors, even if the power line is subjected to sudden surges and blackouts. Being able to operate on different voltages ensure that unlike the traditional light source which warrants the presence of a standard electrical outlet, neon sign makers can take more liberties and creative approaches with them .
  • Lifespan: When neon lights are properly built and also maintained as per the instructions given, they have the capability to last anywhere between 10 years to 12 years. Thus even though they might seem expensive initially, the cost gets negated over its lifespan because:
    • Traditional bulbs consume much more electricity than neon tubes making the utility bills unusually high and
    • Traditional bulbs need to be changed after every 6 months since they burn out within that time period.
  • Low use of electricity: The consumption of electricity is much less in neon lights than in the traditional ones. It can be rightly said that while the primary light source of these traditional bulbs is electricity, neon lights use the medium of electricity to build a fire. This reduces the consumption of electricity and brings about a 50 percent to 70 percent drop in the utility bills.
  • Easy to set-up: These lights also do not need any type of specialized installations and thus can be easily installed. Thus they can be used right-away and the business starts reaping its benefits within a very short time.
  • Attractive and alluring: Neon signs have always been typically used in advertising and brand promotion. The smooth glow of the neon signs is very eye-catchy yet not gaudy. It is this softness of light makes it unique in many ways and also easy to catch the eye of the passers-by.

Typically the use of neon lights enhances the company’s branding and consequently the number of footfall in the business premises also increases substantially. Thus neon lights are a much better alternative to the traditional lights and should be regularly used.


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