Best TV Shows to Watch on Airtel Xstream

With the most-anticipated launch of Airtel Xstream Airtel has brought a significant swing in the DTH market. Xstream 4K Hybrid has to be the smartest box that gives you more than just Live TV channels. Do more with Xstream from playing games and accessing your favorite apps to enjoying your favorite shows on OTT services, including Netflix, Prime Video, HOOQ, ZEE5, Youtube, and so on. 

We even have the list of TV shows you should watch on your brand new Airtel Xstream

  1.   The Big Bang Theory

A famous comedy that had its finale recently. The Big Bang Theory is one of the greatest comedies you can enjoy with your friends. 

The story shows two brainy best friends, Leonard and Sheldon, both are genius and literally have ‘beautiful minds’, but all their genius doesn’t work when it comes to normal life, especially women. But then things start to change when a free-spirited Penny moves in next door. While Sheldon is quite content in playing Klingon Boggle with his friends, Leonard sees a whole new world of possibilities in Penny including love.

  1.   Two and a half men

Everyone treasures their cool lifestyle. But Charlie has to adjust his billionaire lifestyle and his ways with women when his brother knocks on his door with his 10-year-old son. Charlie “temporarily” allows his brother Alan and his son Jake to move in with him. What starts is a hilarious journey of playboy Charlie, studious Alan and lazy food-obsessive kid Jake start living under the same roof. 

  1.   Arrow

Arrow is another most-acclaimed TV show. After a violent shipwreck, Oliver Queen – a billionaire playboy – goes missing. Presumed dead by the whole world Oliver is later discovered alive on a remote island. After much hassle when he returns back to his family and best friend Tommy, they sense a change in Oliver due to the ordeal of the island. As Oliver starts reconnecting with his loved ones and tries to readjust to the social world, on the other hand, he secretly creates the persona of a vigilante Arrow to the right the wrong deeds of his family and fights the evils of society.

  1.   The Vampire Diaries

Are you a fantasy buff or a Twilight fan? If so, you shouldn’t miss watching this series on Airtel Xstream. As the name suggests, The Vampire Diaries is full of fantasy and supernatural elements that affect many lives in Mystic Falls, especially of teenager Elena Gilbert. Elena and her younger brother, Jeremy, are struggling to accept and deal with their parents’ recent death. While Elena is popular in school, she has difficulty hiding her grief from the world. Amidst all the difficulties, the arrival of new student Stefan Salvatore makes Elena dream about romantic possibilities. Little does she know about Stefan’s mysterious origins and his brother Damon.

So, get the smartest Xstream Box 4K hybrid at your home and enjoy your family time with pure entertainment and happy moments.

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