Buying a Used Car on the Internet Sight Unseen

Buying a New Computer… Or Car… on the Internet For over two decades, Dell, Inc. has been wildly successful at bypassing the traditional stores and selling computers directly to consumers, custom-assembled according to a selection of options. The promise of convenience and savings, along with Dell’s strong company reputation and their backbone of customer service […]

“Detroit Disease” Inflicts Chrysler

Chrysler was once admired for its toughness even at a point where the atmosphere is attracting slumping sales and massive losses. Nonetheless, according to some analysts, it seems that Chrysler has lost its protective cloak and eventually been inflicted with the so-called ‘Detroit disease’. Automotive reports are showing that Chrysler will lose $1.5 billion in […]

Jeep and Chrysler Doing Well Across the Pond

Chrysler may be feeling some pain in the USA, but overseas they are realizing some excellent results. According to a Chrysler spokesperson, international sales are up 14 percent through August of 2006 with 15 straight months of month-to-month increases. The news is even better in Europe. Chrysler reported an increase of 35.6% in August 2006 […]