Why Being Proactive About Health Is Important

Traditions are hard to break. They are born of cultures, entertainment, society, geography, and generational habits. In western countries, when it comes to health, the tradition is to wait until there are some symptoms, and then go to the doctor to be treated. A person then buys the medicine from the pharmacy and follows the […]

Improving Doctor-Patient Experience Using A Health App

Today, most patients are suffering simply because they are located in remote areas where doctors are not easily accessible, or they are too busy to go to a doctor. Fact is that there is a lack of enough doctors across the globe and those available can only offer services from specific locations and cannot be […]

6 Reasons You Don’t Need a Financial Health Coach

Is a financial health coach a luxury only the rich can afford? Or, can expert financial advice even help those who are living paycheck to paycheck? What is a Financial Health Coach? A financial health coach is a personal financial expert that understands budgeting, debt, savings, credit, providing for college, retirement, spending money wisely, and […]