How to become a Lateral entry teacher (quereinstieg lehramt)?

If you have always aspired to become a teacher, lateral entry teaching (quereinstieg lehramt) could be something that can interest you. Normally, in order to become a teacher, after the mainstream of education, one must pursue specialized courses to become teachers and take exams to qualify. But as a lateral entry teacher, you can start […]

Better Heat Exchanger Cleaning Through Technology

Maintenance of a platform’s Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) and similar shell and tube heat exchangers can be an extremely dangerous process. It needs to be disconnected, taken off line, and moved to shore for repair. Shell and tube heat exchangers are made of coiled tubes and can become fouled with carbon deposits. The traditional […]

Gartner Says 4G Is A Technology In Search Of A Business Case

Speaking at the Gartner Mobile and Wireless summit in London, Gartner research vice-president Ian Keene said that five key wireless technologies are likely to emerge in the next five years to make the lives of anyone managing wireless networks even more complicated. In the personal space, Bluetooth will be joined by Zigbee for low-power telemetry […]

Consciousness and Technology

Throughout philosophical discussions concerning technology the concept of “human nature,” and its influence, are often referenced. Upon examining consciousness within a technological context the idea of a loss of humanity or individuality continually arises. Curiously, this seems to imply something very strange – specifically that the major trends of human nature are ultimately leading to […]