Custom Versus Template Website Design: Which Is Right for You?

Having a website is super important for businesses and individuals. It’s similar to having your own space online where you may showcase your talents or express your opinions. When creating a website in the Philippines, you must choose between custom web design and templates. Let’s discuss both to help you decide what’s best for you.

Custom Website Design: Just for You

Good Stuff:

  1. Unique and Special: A custom website ensures your site is unique, like wearing a bespoke suit. You get to pick every detail to match your style and convey your message.
  1. Can Grow with You: Your website can grow as your needs change. If you wish to include new items or functionalities, you can do so with ease. It’s similar to expanding a house by adding more rooms.
  1. Easy to Find on Google: A custom website can be set up to be easily found on Google and other search engines. It means more people can discover your site.
  1. Safe and Secure: You can make your custom website super safe. It’s like having a fancy lock on your front door to protect your stuff.

Not-So-Good Stuff:

  1. Costs More: Custom websites can be more expensive at the beginning. It’s like buying a unique piece of art; it costs more than a poster.
  1. Takes Longer: Making a custom website takes time because everything is built from scratch. If you need a website quickly, this might not be the best choice.
  1. Needs Care: Custom websites need regular care to stay updated and safe. It’s like taking care of a pet; you need to feed it and take it to the vet.

Template Website Design: Easy and Fast

Good Stuff:

  1. Saves Money: Using templates is often cheaper. It’s like buying a ready-made cake instead of baking one from scratch.
  1. Quick Start: You can get your website up and running fast because templates are like pre-made puzzle pieces. You just put them together.
  1. No Need to Be a Tech Expert: You don’t need to know much tech stuff to use templates. It’s like building with Lego; you don’t need to be an architect.
  1. Help and Updates: Many template providers offer help and updates, so you’re not alone. It’s like having a handy friend to assist you.

Not-So-Good Stuff:

  1. Not Very Unique: Templates are used by many people, so your website might look like others. It’s like having the same dress as someone else at a party.
  1. Not Super Flexible: You can’t change everything with templates. It’s like having a car with fixed seats; you can’t adjust them how you like.
  1. Harder for Google to Find: Templates might not be as friendly to Google, so your website might not show up in searches easily.
  1. Can Get Stuck: As your needs change, templates might not be able to keep up. It’s like buying a bike with training wheels that you can’t take off.

Which One Should You Pick?

Choosing between custom and template website design depends on your needs and what you want. Here are some simple things to think about:

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  1. Money: If you don’t have enough money and need a website quickly, go for a template. But if you can spend more and want something unique, choose custom.
  1. Being Different: If your website needs to look special, go for custom. If not, templates can work fine.
  2. Future Plans: Think about what you want your website to do in the future. If you expect big changes, custom websites are more flexible.
  1. Google Matters: If you want people to find your site on Google, custom websites are better for that. But if you don’t care as much, templates are okay.
  1. Tech Skills: If you’re not a tech expert, templates are easier to handle. If you are, custom websites give you more control.

The Bottom Line

The choice between custom and template website design in the Philippines, or anywhere else, depends on what you want and what you can do. Make sure to pick the one that helps you reach your online goals.

Remember, a good website is like a friendly welcome mat for your online visitors! Contact OOm Philippines if you need help creating or revamping your business’s website!


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