Design Choices That Make Any Room More Enjoyable

18 Tips to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home

Ever entered a room and immediately felt gloomy because of how drab it looks? Studies suggest the way a place is set up has a significant impact on one’s mood. So, whether you want to make your lounge more inviting to guests or you have an at-home office that needs that extra pop to keep you engaged, try out these design choices to make your space feel alive. 

  • Go bold with your walls. 

Don’t be afraid of adding some colors to your walls. That can make the room feel livelier immediately, whether you simply want to do some cool color blocking or you’re ready to go more adventurous with some gorgeous wallpaper murals that make the walls feel like large artworks. That is an easy way to change the whole vibe of the room without even having to add too many other elements. The exact style would depend on your own tastes, but it can make your room more elevated as opposed to dreary paints. 

  • Sprinkle some art pieces around 

Whether you want to put up some photography, a painting or two, or a sculpture to center your design around, art can be just what a room needs to be that much more interesting. Not only does this add visual appeal, but it can also stand as a talking point for any guests you may be entertaining. The great thing about this is that there is no essentially any limit to the type of art style you can go for, as long as it ties into the theme you’re going for (if you even want to stick to one).

  • Don’t shy away from plants. 

Some useful plants add a nice texture to the room and quite literally add some life into it. It will feel less stuffy to look at, and if you use real plants, it will even literally make it less stuffy to breathe in. Your lungs will thank you for this little contribution to the air circulation in the room, and some strategic placements of your plants can make the place look fresher. 

  • Get creative with lighting.

Lighting fixtures are a great way to make something as practical as a light source be that much more enjoyable. You can go for an artfully designed standing lamp, a mini chandelier, or even just extra LED light strips to add a colorful glow to the edges of your walls, depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve. As long as you keep things adequately bright, you can get creative as you like. 

  • Add a mirror 

There are tons of ways you can use a mirror as a design element, beyond its abilities to add depth to any room and reflect light nicely. You can effectively use it to determine the way eyes perceive and travel around the room. Alternatively, you can prop it up as a distinctive piece in itself that can complement other structures you’ve set up. 

Turning a room from drab to fab is entirely doable if you’re willing to dive in. 

Meta title: Creative Ways to Make Your Room Stand Out

Meta description: Nobody wants to be in a drab room, so make things more fun by using some specific design elements. Learn about utilizing them to brighten a place.


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