Different Places to Explore on Bahamas Chartered Yacht Rentals

The Bahamas are made up of islands that range from more well-known destinations, such as the capital city of Nassau, to small islands, such as the Exumas. There are three main spots that Bahamas chartered yacht rentals are based around: Southern Bahamas, Northern Bahamas, and Central Bahamas. Each of these areas has unique locations to explore and their own benefits.

Central Bahamas: Nassau is the most popular Bahamas destination and for good reason. The town is located on New Providence Island and has many resorts, along with a major airport. Here you will also find the famous Atlantis resort. Many Bahamas charter yacht rentals will start here because it’s convenient. Eleuthera, also in Central Bahamas, is the dream Bahamian destination because the houses are painted in bright colors and the sand is pink. This area is inviting and warm and it’s a great place to start any vacation.

Southern Bahamas: One of the popular destinations for a Bahamas yacht charter is the Southern Bahamas because of the islands of the Exumas. These islands are picture perfect, with beautiful beaches since they are secluded. Depending on which islands you visit, your footprints could be the only ones in the sand. There is also plenty of natural wildlife. If you travel further south, there is also Turks and Caicos. However, visiting those islands isn’t common for Bahamas yacht charters since there are few yachts that are based there. Nearer to the mainland is Bimini, which makes a great fishing destination.

Northern Bahamas: The Abacos Islands are a popular part of the Northern Bahamas but are less traveled for yacht charters. However, if you do travel here, you will find that when you depart the comfort of the charter yacht you will be amazed that these islands have such a warm atmosphere. There are smaller cays such as Treasure Cay, Elbow Cay, and Green Turtle. While the Abacos Islands aren’t as popular a destination for charter yachts, the Grand Bahamas and Freeport are much more common in this part of the Bahamas. Freeport is a busy commercial city and there is a marketplace with bars, restaurants, and shops. If you are looking for a show or casino, there is the Bahamian Resort and Casino.

With few exceptions, there is not a bad time to go to the Bahamas. The Bahamas can be a year round action destination. The islands have weather trends that are similar to South Florida, so winters are warmer than the rest of the United States. However, there may be a cool down in the winter occasionally. The summers are more stable. In the summer, the days are hot, the waters are calm, and the average temperature is 85 degrees.


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