Different slot terminologies beginners’ slot players should master?

If there is something that is so bad, is people talking about things that you do not know what they mean. If you have been playing in online casino games, you will be able to understand the different terminologies related to it. New players will find it daunting to understand the terms, leave along playing the online slot games. What are the important slot terminologies you should master? In this article, I will provide you with some to get you started.

Pay table.

The first pg slot terminology is the pay table. At the slot table, you will get all information relating to the different slot games. In the game, you will be able to see the worth of each symbol. You will also be able to learn about the different payouts. The slot table will be listed on different sides of the slot machines in new and older machines.  The tables will also indicate the number of credits each player will get.


Also known as betting line or winning line, a payline is a combination of different symbols that will either yield a win, draw, or any other verdict on the slot machines. In the past original slot machines had only one payline. The winning on the payline would be when there are three matching symbols that will create a horizontal line. The good news is that the payline will help you determine how your pay will be. You will have to do this through looking at the pay table.  With the advancement in technology, paylines have taken diverse shapes. Some are zig zag, trapezium, and more.

Coin Size.

Coin size is the third slotxo slot terminology. Some people will confuse it with the bet amount of bet total. What coin size means is the number of coins you will wager on a particular payline. Let’s take an example you are playing on a 35-line slot machine.  You place your bet amount as 2 cent and con size as 1. In the latter example, you total bet size will be 25 cents. You can change your con size to 3cent per line. It will mean your total bet will be now 105 cents. You should note that some slot machines will need you to bet on a particular number of coin size for you to qualify for their bonus or jackpots.

Bet Max.

If you are an online casino bettor, you are probably familiar with the term. It is a popular one on many casino sites. The bet max is a button that you can press to place a maximum amount of coins on each spin. However before you press that button, you need to consider many things. The first one is the game pay table. You also need to consider if you need the best max in order for your to enter the progressive jackpot.

In conclusion, you will find many mafia88 slot terminologies you need to master. Some of them include Bet Max, Coin Size, and paylines.

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