Do You Know The Difference Between Indica And Sativa?

When we start in the exciting world of growing and consuming cannabis responsibly, it becomes necessary to study some basic concepts. In this sense, one of the first things to know is the differences between Indica and Sativa.

Throughout this article, we will explain in detail the main characteristics of each plant which can be vaped with Hawaiian Haze by TIMBR. The effects that each one produces, the flowering time, and many other curiosities.

Sativa Plants: The Power Of THC And Long Blooms

The marijuana plant contains different cannabinoids. The main ones being THC and CBD. The first produces the psychoactive effect of the “high,” and the second contributes to the body’s mental and muscular relaxation. Each marijuana plant contains these cannabinoids in different proportions. However, depending on the strain or type of plant, these components will be different.

In general, Sativa genetics plants are associated with the preponderance of THC. This means that this family’s strains will tend to generate more feelings of high and euphoria than relaxation.

Furthermore, cannabis Sativa plants take longer to mature and can take up to 12 weeks to complete their maturation cycle.

The reason for this is the origin of the plant. Cannabis sativa is native to tropical areas with a warm climate, mainly in the American or Asian continent. Because there is no winter in these areas and the number of daylight hours does not vary between seasons, the plants take longer to mature and can be harvested much later than Indica plants.

Cannabis sativa plants tend to be tall, with light green leaves that are long and thin in shape. Its cultivation is usually carried out outdoors; however, with the advancement of crosses between the different strains, they can be perfectly cultivated indoors and with artificial lighting.

Indica Varieties: CBD And The Rapid Maturation Of The Plant

Indicas highly rated by, unlike their Sativa sisters, are mainly associated with the predominance of CBD in their fruits. This means that it is a plant whose effects are related to drowsiness, mental, and physical relaxation.

It is a shorter plant in stature, with broad, dark leaves and high yields in short periods. Indica varieties are associated with places with harsh winters. The plant had to learn to develop very quickly due to the short summers and low temperatures.

It is precisely for this reason that indicas are an excellent choice for growing indoors. Having satisfactory results in just 6-7 weeks of care.