Domino Qiu Qiu- One of the best poker games

Lately, there has been an increasing demand in the online poker game. And if you look into the many reasons why people prefer to go online with the poker game, you will be amazed. The first reason is, of course, its fun. People love a lot playing this game, as it helps them of getting rid of boredom and anxiety. And next is you can a good amount of money if you know the game well. Many sites offer the referral method, by which you can earn money by referring it to someone else.  If you are new into this and have started developing an interest in it, then it is highly recommended to gather proper information from various sites before starting of the game.

The popular poker game -Domino Qiu Qiu:

Domino Qiu Qiu is one of the most common and known games among the people.  It is also referred to as domino Qiu Qiu. It is an Indonesian form of poker “game”.  

The pattern to play the game is quite easier with the presence of applications in mobile/Smartphone game that we use every day.  Some basic rules for the game are:

A game of domino Qiu Qiu consists of 28pcs of the card, with several round red points that separate 2 parts.  Initially, the players will get 3pcs of the card, before asking to bet from each player. Once the final bet has happened, the Bandar gives the last card which determines the winner.  

Counting of cards:

The counting of cards is not that hard. When divided into three cards there are 2 cards that are paired with a maximum number of 1 pair of cards, which counts from the back. E.g. 6 6 6 + 6 | Kiu & 1 More cards will be paired with the last given card from the dealer after the Add / Increase Bet. There are some special cards in domino Qiu Qiu. Pure small card, consists of 4pcs of card that we hold with a total count on no more than 9 rounds; pure big card, consists of 4pcs having a total count of 40 rounds; Balak card, consists of 4pcs of cards that we hold all the same cards, God 6 card, consists of 4pcs of cards that we hold each card amounts to 6/six.  

The common terms used in Domino QQ:

Check: Check is following the current betting amount.

Call: Call means following the value of bets that are raised by other players.

Fold: Fold means surrender or not following the after the card is closed.

Raise: Raise means increasing bets.

All in: All in means risking all the chips in the table.

Many online sites are offering poker gambling games.  Before you select any site, it is always advisable to look at the complete data of the site. It should have a good reputation and the payment options should be secured. You have to look out for various aspects before selecting the right site.

Domino Qiu Qiu may seem to be complicated in the beginning, but once you start gaining knowledge of the game, it rather becomes fun quite quickly.


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