Dos And Don’ts When Visiting Wineries And When Wine Tasting

A wine lover’s first trip to the best wineries in Santa Barbara County will be an unforgettable experience. For many, this will be a chance to try the best wine the region has to offer and it is a chance to learn all about the wine-loving community, beyond the boxed wine aficionados of course. While the trip to the winery can be fun, it is still best to know how to behave and act while at the property.

These are the main dos and don’ts to pay attention when on a winery tour to avoid making common, yet embarrassing rookie wine tasting mistakes:

DON’T Drink Too Much

Yes, a winery tour will have complimentary drinks for guests to sample the different bottles available and it can be tempting to drink all you can. After all, you are paying for the tour, right? Overindulgence may be fun for your trip, but an intoxicated guest can be a nuisance to other visitors. Take it easy and enjoy the tour by taking small sips of the free wine without drinking more than you can handle.

DON’T Be Rude

Hold back on your initial reaction after taking a sip of wine that isn’t to your liking. Many tour guides are also the owners of the winery and take pride in their work. Having a very strong and negative reaction towards the wine can be seen as impolite and off-putting. In case you find it hard to appreciate the wine, don’t make a loud fuss or complaint about it.

When asked for comments, just nod and say that it isn’t your “cup of wine”, but still thank the guide for the sample.

DO Eat Before The Tour

During a wine tasting while on a tour of the best wineries in Santa Barbara County you can drink anywhere from 2 to 3 full glasses of wine, maybe even more. Going on the tour on an empty stomach is ill-advised because you will feel the effects of the alcohol sooner than expected. Make sure to have a filling breakfast before starting the tour so you don’t get drunk after just a few sips of fine wine.

DO Bring Food And Water

Many tours can start after breakfast and continue until late afternoon. Some wineries may have an optional cafe or restaurant nearby, but most likely you need to make a stop. A cooler complete with some meats, cheeses, and bread can make for a wonderful picnic within the winery that’s free of cost. Also, make sure to bring a few bottles of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Don’t Rush The Tasting

Wine tasting is an experience that requires time and several steps to fully appreciate. Once you have a glass, remember to see the contents of the glass, swirl the wine, smell it, and finally sip. It can take up to 3 small sips to fully determine if the bottle is to your liking or not. Be patient, don’t judge immediately.

Questions Are Always Welcome

If you are unsure of what to do and how to proceed with the tour or tasting, just ask. Tour guides and winery associates will gladly answer your questions.


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