Everything you need to know about living in Mangalore city

Mangalore is one of the cleanest cities of India, it is also known as the gateway to Karnataka. It has derived its name from the goddess Mangala Devi. In ancient times Mangalore was an important port town due to its strategic location it was ruled by various powerful dynasties and colonial rulers. 

Mangalore is a beautiful coastal city, surrounded by beautiful picturesque beaches and historic places.

Education hub

Mangalore is also the education hub of Karnataka. there are lots of reputed colleges around the vicinity, there are more than 10 reputed engineering colleges, 6 medical colleges and more than 50 graduation colleges along with other premier learning institutes and coaching centres which makes Mangalore the emerging destination for education. Mangalore is the first choice of students across India for education because of infrastructure and the presence of reputed institutions. The inflow of students and workers from across India make Mangalore a vibrant place.


Mangalore is one of the fastest developing cities in India, due to its good location and connectivity it attracts investors from all around the world. Due to lucrative opportunities and prospects, many Multinational firms have opened their branches in Mangalore. 

The real state sector is also in the boom in the city builders and developers are coming up with new projects constructing apartments in Mangalore to provide better housing facilities and other services to the residents. With the rapid growth of the tech industry and the services sector, Mangalore has become a preferred destination for investors looking for quality residential properties. The retail sector is also in demand, new malls and shopping complexes are also coming into the landscape. 

Tourist attractions

Mangalore is a clean and composed city as it was a major port city in earlier times so, various dynasties have ruled over it and have left their imprints on the city. The major attraction of cities consists of beaches, temples and churches. Mangalore has spotless and immaculate beaches, Surathkal beach is one such beach, it is located just 12 km away from the main city and is famous for its lighthouse and sand, you can enjoy breath-taking sunset here. ‘Gokarnanatheshwara Temple is a recently built temple and a major attraction in the city, this temple is devoted to lord shiva and is 60ft tall made in Dravidian style. The Aloysius Church is also situated in Mangalore, it was constructed in 1880 by the Jesuit Missionary. It features stunning interiors and exterior paintings by Antonio Moschino.

Mangalore is the preferred choice for the individuals engaged in the IT sector and the service sectors, it has good connectivity, a pleasant environment and all the other facilities that are required to lead a happy and fulfilling life. The presence of big MNCs and ample opportunities make it a favourite choice. The new residential projects providing apartments in Mangalore make it accessible to all, new shopping complexes and malls converting Mangalore into a metropolis.


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