Everything You Need to Know About Repairs and Maintenance for Solar Power

A solar energy system may need a sizable initial investment, but with proper care and maintenance, your solar panels might last for more than 25 years, providing your home with clean, renewable energy.

It is advised that only qualified specialists undertake maintenance on solar power systems since solar panels are often put on roofs, contain high voltage electrical currents, sophisticated technical solutions, and costly instruments. It might be dangerous to have work done on your solar power system.

In this article, we’ll discuss the maintenance and care your solar power system could need, the cost of that maintenance, how to identify if you need solar maintenance, the typical reasons solar power systems break down, and why you might want to consider getting a solar maintenance plan to protect yourself.

How Frequently Should Solar Power Maintenance Be Performed?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems are very dependable since there are no moving parts. Additionally, they might work flawlessly for approximately 25 years with routine maintenance and repair. As a result, it’s crucial to have your Berkeley solar panels professionally cleaned once a year in order to maximise their efficiency and identify any problems early on before they seriously harm your system.

Rain often keeps panels clean, but if it hasn’t rained lately and there is still dirt on them, it could be essential to manually clean them. Rain often keeps panels clean. You must clean your solar panels once a year to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. Solar panels may need cleaning less regularly overall but more frequently in certain areas.

The second part of your solar photovoltaic power system that requires more regular maintenance is the solar inverter. This is as a result of the solar inverters being both the most intricate and essential component of the system. Inverters have a shorter lifetime than solar panels, thus all components should be checked annually to identify issues early and stop them before they become serious.

How can I tell whether the solar panel system I have requires maintenance?

Check your solar installation’s energy output to ensure it is producing the anticipated quantity of electricity as soon as you believe it requires repair.

A solar output tracker, like the Palmetto App, makes it simple to find differences. This is because the software enables users to compare the current energy production to the same period in past years to see if there has been a change. Find out how much electricity your house used to get during the same month a year ago, and then contrast that number with the current energy production.


By looking through your most current electrical bill, you could potentially get some understanding. If you see a big shift in the quantity of electricity you use from the grid, get in touch with a solar service provider. Other solar equipment producers provide products with an indication light. Your system is functioning correctly if it is green; if it begins to flash or changes colour, there could be an issue.


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