Everything You Should Know about Swiss Watches

Everybody in the whole world know that Swiss watches are the best as timepieces and stylish accessories. They are the perfect reflection of luxury and elegance. But not nearly as many people know all the history behind this worldwide popularity of Swiss made watches. You will see below that it is anything but the result of happenstance.

The Swiss Watch History

It was in Geneva that Swiss watchmaking emerged in the 16th century. The reputation of Swiss watches comes from a series of discoveries made by successive talents. Originally, the serene and auspicious place of Schaffhausen saw the implementation of a large number of craftsmen endowed with qualities such as patience and precision. Those talented workers put their craft skills to the service of watchmaking.

Since then, the world of Swiss watchmaking has undergone a great evolution thanks to numerous inventions. In 1770, the famous “Montre à Secousses” was invented. This ancestor of the automatic watch and the wristwatch was introduced at the end of the First World War and it was designed by Louis Cartier.

For the first time, men could then wear their watches on their wrist after the long success of pocket watches. This discovery will be followed by many others and several manufacturers will emerge. Nowadays, you have the choice to buy your Swiss watch in a physical store or online. If you opt for the second option, you can go to https://louischevrolet.com/en/ to find the prefect Swiss wristwatch for you without breaking the bank.

The Manufacture of Swiss Watches

Precision, know-how and high technology have made Swiss watches what they have been for centuries. The market represents the third world market. As a matter of fact, Switzerland exports quality watches all over the world to meet all tastes but also all budgets. The product range is very wide and it is a great advantage that Swiss brands have over all of their competitors. Their technological skills allow them to use a wide variety of materials and to arrange them perfectly. Some brands are even known worldwide for their luxury watches for men and women.

There are Swiss manufacturers that have been known for over a century for their fully mechanical watches. They have innovated by offering a range of products related to sports, aviation, culture and motor sport collections. We cannot forget to mention the greatest manufacturers such as Omega, Tissot, Rolex or Hublot. For luxury Swiss watches at affordable prices, you can opt for the collection of Louis Chevrolet.