Facing the Music: How Music Helps You Cope with the Pandemic

When you think of music, what comes to mind? For the most part, it’s a form of relaxation. Whether you listen to music, play instruments, or sing at the top of your lungs, music helps you relax and unwind. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Music has proven to be beneficial in a handful of ways during the pandemic. In the midst of isolation, social distancing, and health threats, people resort to music to cope with the current situation. In fact, there’s now what we call music therapy, a clinical form of music intervention used by professionals to help individuals meet their goals.

That said, here’s how music helps you cope with the pandemic situation:

1. It reduces stress and anxiety

Mental health is one concerning public health issue that has arisen during the pandemic. Some studies show some people suffering from stress, anxiety, and even depression. While some individuals are having suicidal thoughts, a few others are resorting to substance use and abuse. All these mental problems have to do with the pandemic isolation and the novel coronavirus threats.

The good thing is that music has positive repercussions on people’s health and well-being. It helps reduce stress, relieve pain, and decrease anxiety and depression. One study shows how music becomes a coping strategy in dealing with pandemic-related stress. Another report reveals how the use and perception of music have played a vital role in people’s lives during the lockdown.

2. It helps you tune in to yourself

During a pandemic, it’s easy to feel lost and hopeless. In fact, some people start to fear the future as they don’t know what lies ahead. They start to wonder what’s in store for them. With closed schools, employment uncertainty, and an unstable economy, some people feel scared and uninspired.

What’s good about music is how it helps you stay connected to yourself. It goes beyond having some sort of entertainment and relaxation. It helps you listen to your core amid the noises of the world. Whether you take piano lessons, practice singing, or simply listen to your favorite music, it makes a difference in your inner world.

3. It allows us to stay connected

Aside from how music helps you tune in to your world, it also helps you stay connected with the rest. In fact, it’s a good idea to enjoy music with your family while stuck at home. You can play awesome music the whole day for your entire family. You can go as far as dancing with the kids and the elderly. And you can have a karaoke session with them with these best karaoke songs

To stay connected with your friends, you can share a playlist of songs via social media. You can also give your colleagues some music recommendations while working remotely. Even attending an online concert for digital interaction has become all the rage these days.

4. It boosts your imagination and creativity

Music helps you become productive, as it boosts your imagination and creativity. When you’re practicing and playing musical instruments, music carves your imagination to create wonderful sounds. When you sing, you explore your sounds which can lead to your creativity.

Even when you’re working from home during this pandemic, music serves as a great accompaniment. Not only does it keep you alive and kicking, but it also boosts your overall efficiency and productivity. In fact, a lot of people prefer to listen to music while working.

5. It becomes a form of therapy

There’s a line drawn between therapeutic music and music as a form of therapy. Yes, it has long been proven that music is indeed therapeutic. It helps manage your mental health, intrapersonal relationship, and interpersonal relationships with others. It also fosters your imagination and creativity, whether you’re a singer, an instrument player, or a musician.

But in the field of psychology and medicine, music has now become a form of therapy. Music therapy programs are now being offered to individuals by licensed health professionals. Taking advantage of these programs is best, especially during this global crisis. Ultimately, it will help you get through this pandemic situation. 

Music is indeed powerful. Whether you simply listen to it, play your own instrument, or enjoy singing, it does more than what you think it practically does. As discussed above, it reduces stress and anxiety, helps you tune in to yourself, allows us to stay connected, boosts your imagination and creativity, and becomes a form of therapy. Most importantly, music helps you get by during the pandemic.

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