Get Up To Speed With The Xtra PC Gadget

Having a dated, old and tired PC isn’t always through a matter of choice but more a lack of funds to buy a top of the range brand new machine. There were many perks of having PC when they became more common place but now there have been so many developments the models very quickly go out of date. Staying up to date can be difficult but with the clever Xtra PC device you can give your old PC a boost.

How does Xtra PC work?

Using the now well known USB port, the extra pc attachment works simply by plugging the gadget in to an available slot on your old PC. USB ports have been built in to PCs for many years now so it’s virtually guaranteed that a USB port will be installed in to your PC.

The Xtra PC gadget is powered by something called Linux which helps fire up your old PC fast. The general concept of use involves combining the hardware and experience of your PC with the fast software capabilities of the Linux power on the Xtra PC gadget.

Just by plugging in the tool your PC will have access to all the essential pieces of software which enable you to get the most out of your machine. Programs such as Firefox, Open Office and media players are all pre installed so you just need to plug in and go.

How about computer safety?

The plug in Xtra PC device leaves no trace behind on any device that you use with the drive. As soon as you unplug the gadget from the USB port it will be like you were never on that PC.

Security on computers is of imperative importance so the design team have made sure that users are protected when using the Xtra PC tool.

This works because when using the tool, you are using the operating system of the gadget and not the one of the PC you are plugged in to. This means there is no activity to be tracked or spied on. This is a key feature of the Xtra PC device which means you can carry on looking at your files etc without having anyone trying to hack in on your personal data.

Are there any other benefits?

In a short answer, yes. The Xtra PC device has many advantages, some of which we’ve already touched on, but here’s a couple more for you.

  • Easy installation. When using the Xtra PC gadget for the first time there is a simple one time set up process to complete when you plug in to a new device. A small price to pay for extra security and facilities.
  • Transfer old files. Worried about losing your old files? Fret no longer. After accessing your old PC you can transfer your old files on to the Xtra PC gadget to keep them safe. Carry them around with you in your pocket.


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