Here’s how an uncontested divorce lawyer can help in Alabama

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If you live in Alabama and want to file for divorce, you can initiate the proceedings on your own. Alabama allows for no-fault divorce, and it doesn’t have to be complicated, given that the forms are available online. However, a divorce is much more than that. DIY divorce may not the best choice for everyone. In this post, we are sharing more on the work of Alabama uncontested divorce lawyers, and how they can help. 

Know your rights and interests

Alabama is an equitable distribution state. This means that property will be divided between spouses in a fair and equitable manner, and that doesn’t always mean equal. Because the marriage is a mess, spouses often end up ignoring their rights and interests. Even if you are one filing for divorce, you have your rights. You need a divorce lawyer, because you don’t want to take a decision in haste, or without considering all relevant aspects. Your lawyer is key to protecting your interests and everything that is rightfully yours. 

Resolve the issues

No matter the circumstances, the issues in a divorce remain the same. Typically, these include child custody, child support, alimony, and property distribution. In a contested divorce, the process may drag for long, adding to the costs. An uncontested divorce allows the spouses to separate in an amicable manner and sooner. Your divorce lawyer is key to negotiating and talking to your spouse, especially if you are not on talking terms, or when your spouse wants to talk through their lawyer. A good lawyer can ensure that you get the fairest agreement possible. 

Minimize the stress

 A lot of people don’t want to deal with divorce stress. When you engage an uncontested divorce lawyer, they handle everything on your behalf. They will take care of the paperwork, necessary formalities, and negotiations, while you can focus on your life. It is like having an extended team to deal with circumstances, especially when you are not ready to face the same. Your lawyer will share information, when needed, to keep you in the loop. 

How much do uncontested divorce lawyers charge in Alabama?

Typically, uncontested divorce lawyers work on a flat fee in the state. This, however, can vary, depending on the facts and issues related to the case. Some lawyers do charge an hourly rate for uncontested divorces, and it’s best to ask in advance. 

Call an attorney soon after you decide to file for divorce in Alabama. 


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