How Kirkpatrick Company Provides The Best Custom Leather Holsters?

Choosing the perfect custom leather holster means deciding between IWB and OWB to buy, or some users choose between a shoulder holster and a drop leg holster. The most important thing to consider before purchasing a holster is holster material. In addition, you need to consider the purpose for which you will use the holster.

You can carry magazines, papers, and other stuff in your custom-made leather holster as you can get it with your self-made design. Police and army personnel rely on leather holsters, and big companies hire police personnel to check leather quality.

How do the designers produce custom leather holsters?

The three prime holster materials on the market are leather, Kydex, and nylon. Every material has some strengths and weaknesses, but not all materials are perfect for all jobs. So the longevity of your holster depends on the environment in which you spend most of your time. This article will give you some information as a guide, and you will understand why a custom leather holster is the best choice for you.

Leather holsters are made by modifying animal skin using many scientific processes. They use the skin of elephants, ostriches, stingrays, and crocodiles, etc. Since this leather is filtered and designed with the help of modern technologies, it is not possible to complete the procedure overnight. It takes at least 8-9 weeks to prepare usable leather from animal skin.

On the Kirkpatrick website, you can choose the holster color of your choice, such as gray alligator, brown ostrich, Turkish stingray, or black crocodile. Each company claims a replica for making custom leather holsters so that there is no significant error.

Varieties of configuration

Kirkpatrick company manufactures top-quality gun leather that is durable, functional, and beautiful. Remember that whenever you buy custom leather holsters from this website, you will find professionally designed long-lasting materials. To use leather holsters, they use American saddle leather that provides rigid and strong edges.

Each holster is stitched with 7-cord nylon bonded thread and double stitched at the vulnerable points. Here you can find styling ranges from Early Slim Gym to California Style and Mexican Double Loop. Whenever you order any leather materials, it will ensure you give the best craftsmanship. Moreover, you will get three separate tools options like border stamped, basketweave, or hand tool finish.


The combination that you should keep in mind when you purchase a custom leather holster is durability, security, and ease of use. Based on these three things you can decide how to use a leather holster. If you want to maintain concealed carry during the workout, you need to choose some workout leather holsters.

Besides, if you are patrolling and defending threats all the time, you can pick the holster of your choice by looking at the catalog. Whenever you are in workout mode, you need to make sure that your firearm is not without cover in any way. Never clip the gun with your gym shorts or yoga pants. Traditional leather enhances your fashion taste and is easy to carry.


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