How to become a Lateral entry teacher (quereinstieg lehramt)?

If you have always aspired to become a teacher, lateral entry teaching (quereinstieg lehramt) could be something that can interest you. Normally, in order to become a teacher, after the mainstream of education, one must pursue specialized courses to become teachers and take exams to qualify. But as a lateral entry teacher, you can start teaching immediately while obtaining your teaching license as you teach, without having to spend extra time on the training period.

Steps involved in becoming a lateral entry teacher:

Lateral entry teaching is also called as an “alternate route”. In order to become a lateral entry teacher, the applicant in question must possess a degree in a particular field of study with certain criteria specified by the respective universities or the education system of the specific country. Hence, in a nutshell, obtaining a degree in a specified field is the first step.

Ideally, the next step is to appear for the teacher training and clear the examination. This is done while specifically dedicating a few years for it. However, under the lateral entrant scheme, a lateral entry teacher obtains a teaching position immediately after the degree. This is done under the assumption that the teacher in question will obtain a teacher’s license in the next four years while teaching.

Once they are placed in a teaching position, they are then allotted the curriculum. This curriculum helps them in developing the competencies required in order to obtain a teaching certification. As a part of the coursework, the teachers are expected to get trained in theory, instructional technology, organizational skills of the classroom, and student management. The graduates who are lateral entry teachers are required to fulfill the competencies required in the first three years itself, although they have four whole years.

Lateral entry teachers are also expected to follow the same regulations as any other teacher with a certification. If the lateral entry teachers are placed in a public school, then it is mandatory to undergo a training session for two weeks. In case they don’t want to undergo the two weeks training, you can avoid it by submitting evidence of equivalent training.

The lateral entry teachers are granted a lateral entry license. For this to remain valid, the lateral entry teachers must meet the credit requirements within the first three years. During this entire period, their status remains like the beginning.


The lateral entry teachers are entitled to the same salary and benefits as the other teachers with certification are entitled to. The lateral entry teachers also fulfill the additional college courses during this period and become eligible for the certification. The school or establishment recruiting the lateral entry teachers must submit a joint application along with the teacher to the federal establishment. The teacher must complete an approved education program from a reputed institution. This institution will give guidelines as to what the teacher must earn in so far as extra credit is concerned. Certain credits can be replaced by successful teaching experience also. Thus, the lateral entry teachers start teaching immediately after their graduation while earning their certification alongside teaching.

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