Make Money Online – Be Ahead in Technology

Online = Technology. How can you make money online without even knowing how to use the Internet or at least the computer? Anyway that’s not my main topic. My main topic is that in order to make money online, you need to embrace technology. Find out what’s the latest technological tools that people are using to get head of the competition. Technology are actually meant to make things more productive and efficient.

Web 2.0 seem to be the latest thing to hit the online community. Even blogs are considered part of web 2.0. So what is Web 2.0? It is those social networking sites that you are seeing online like Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Squidoo etc… All these belong to an arsenal of Web 2.0 tools that people are now using to increase blog traffic so why not use it since it’s available and most people are using?

One of the things you can do is to sign up for accounts with the more popular social networking sites. Start an account and do up your profile, not forgetting to leave your blog address behind for people to click on. Take advantage of Web 2.0 to build relationship and credibility with the people you meet or socialize online. Maybe they are now your competitors but who knows one day they might become your partners? If they are your partners, you have one less competitor to overcome so it makes making money online easier, probably even make more money as a result? You are killing two birds with one stone.


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