Making the Season Special by Spending It in a Tropical Paradise

Most of you might be well acquainted with a white Christmas. Spending the yuletide season in a place blanketed with white snow is something magical. When that’s coupled with the charm of cozy nights before the fire, nothing can be more blissful. However, if you want to try something different this year, spending it on a tropical paradise is an excellent choice.

Experiencing exciting summer activities during the holidays can make you have a lovely Christmas that you’ll remember for years to come. If you’re ready to spend the yuletide season in a tropical haven, here are a few activities you can do. 

Do More than Swim 

Instead of waking up on Christmas morning in your comfy pajamas this coming festive season, you can get out of bed ready for adventure. Swimming leans more on the relaxing side. However, when you try to go deeper into the sea through diving or snorkeling, you can see scenic views beneath the surface and spend Christmastime discovering a whole new world.

Some destinations allow you to feed fish while you’re underwater, making these activities more exciting. 

Try Aquatic Activities

You might’ve spent the last Christmases at home with family, binge-watching movies while munching on holiday treats; as a new tradition, you can visit the beach and immerse yourself in various activities, like surfing and jet skiing.

There’s a positive side to going to the beach during the off-season since when you go during this time, you’ll deal with fewer crowds, letting you feel like you have a whole resort to yourself.  

Wait for the Low Tide

There are plenty of activities you can do as you wait for Christmas eve. You can choose to relax in your cabin, go night swimming, or walk in the sand during low tide.

When you take a stroll during low tide, you get to see the sea creatures, like crabs and fish, in shallow puddles dwelling in an area that’s formerly entirely underwater. You can take your time inspecting them without having to swim.  

Spend the Night on an Island 

For something intimate, greeting Christmas on an island temporarily occupied by you and your loved ones or friends can make it more memorable.

For a special touch, you can also hunt for your Christmas dinner with the help of a reliable fishing guide. Rather than the typical meals you have for the holidays, you can modify your menu to suit the tropical setting and quench your thirst with refreshing drinks so you can treat your taste buds to sumptuous flavors.  

Build a Tropical Snowman

Sandcastles are the usual attractions you can see on the beach during summertime. You can still do that, given that there’s no rule prohibiting you from it. However, to honor the season, you can build a snowman out of the sand and decorate it with beach accessories as a way to fuse tradition and the tropical climate.

To make it more enjoyable, you can even turn it into a competition between family members in which the winner gets a prize.  

Relax in a Hot Spring

Though commonly not in a coastal destination, relaxing in a hot spring can still be a great way to spend your Christmas. Imagine waiting for Christmas eve in a warm spring that can help you relieve muscle pain and give you an A-grade spa treatment. Doesn’t that sound appealing? 

For an authentic hot spring experience, you can visit Japan’s onsens. You can even combine travel, discovering a new culture, and spending Christmas in a beautiful destination during the holidays. 

Play in the Sand

Swimming isn’t the activity you can immerse yourself in when having Christmas in a tropical paradise. You can also set up an outdoor cinema while you count down the hours or play sports in the sand.

Besides building a snowman and beachcombing during low tide, you can also play volleyball, badminton, Frisbee, and other sports. Since you’ll most likely eat your fill during the holidays, you must also spend a quarter of it on exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy even when you pause your nutritious staples. 

Try Spelunking

You’ve already discovered a new world by diving or snorkeling. But, you can continue your adventures by visiting caves. Most coastal areas come with above-ground or under the sea caves that you can explore.

As long as you have a local guide and proper equipment, you can add spelunking to your holiday itinerary. If you’re lucky, you can even visit caves with beautiful stalactite formations that will surely leave you in awe.

Happy Holidays!

Using the holiday season to explore tropical destinations will let you enjoy yourself in popular summer locations sans the crowd. By going to the beach and delighting in water activities during Christmas, you can make festivities more unique and one that you’ll remember for years to come.  

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