Move specialty items and prevent the chances of damage

If you are planning to move your household things, especially specialty items, then you should hire expert movers. They move all unique and precious items from fine art work to pool table safely without causing damage. If you hire movers from moving agency like This Side up Moving they use special delivery and handling instructions to keep your expensive, large and unique items safe.

What type of specialty items you can move?

Piano – it is a music instrument which contains 200 kilogram weight. It is not possible for you to move it by yourself. So, it requires special tools to dissemble and reassemble the equipment during moving process. If you hire movers then they easily dissemble piano to move safely.

Antique and art – there are many people who have a great collection of antiques and arts. Experts use special packing methods to ensure you that they will arrive damage free on your desirable destination.

Fragile application – it can be too difficult for you to move large sized electronic appliances. Movers can easily remove large items like TV, washing machine, fridge etc. They also use bubble sheets and blankets for packing these items.

Chandelier – it is made up of stones and some soft things which require special care for moving safely.  Bumps are the main reason of chandelier damage. Movers use padded crates to prevent shocks and bumps. They also unpack it safely because soft parts can be damaged at the time of unpacking. You should also make sure that crates contain the sign of this way up which ensures you that chandelier is not stored in a wrong way.

Pool table – it contains one piece slate weight approximately 200 kilogram. So, it can be difficult to move yourself because it requires more strength. Movers with strength have more experience to move pool table easily on stairs without causing any damage.  


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