New Cuisinart food processor blades made the wedding a success

The pandemic seems to have messed up everyone’s plans over the last year or so. Flights? Cancelled. Parties? Nope. Weddings? Good luck. Baby showers? Nope.

But regardless of the social distancing, life goes on in one way or another. We do the best we can under the circumstances. So when my cousin called me to tell me her fiance had proposed to her, I was so happy for her. I asked her when she planned to get married and she confided in me that she wasn’t sure. With everything going on, there weren’t a lot of venues she would be able to host her ceremony at, and since her future husband had been furloughed from his job, she didn’t think they had the financial means to afford a large wedding. She sounded so disappointed and said they would probably have to postpone the wedding a couple years. I knew that she had been wanting to get married for quite a few years and decided she shouldn’t have to wait. My husband and I had just moved into a new house with a large backyard so I came up with a proposal. Why didn’t she just have a small, intimate ceremony at our place with all the people who really mattered -her closest friends and family?

She was hesitant at first, but I eventually convinced her after showing her ideas of how beautifully we could transform the yard. Silly me, I even volunteered to take care of the food in order to keep it low budget.

A couple weeks before the wedding, I spent a weekend in my kitchen planning out the exact menu and testing out different recipes for the party. 

I wanted to make these dreamy almond butter cookies that she loved, but I hadn’t made them in a while so I decided to whip up a test batch. I pulled out my trusty Cuisinart food processor, but when I pushed the start button to grind some almonds, nothing happened. I pulled it out to inspect it and discovered that the rotating blade was stuck. I rely so heavily on my food processor. How was I supposed to make anything now? I went to complain to my husband that we would have to go and get a new food processor this weekend and for once he had a useful idea – “Why don’t you just look online and see if you can get a replacement part instead of the whole thing?”

It couldn’t hurt so I decided to try, and sure enough I was able to find Cuisinart food processor replacement parts on Kitchen Works Inc! I was a little worried my new blades wouldn’t arrive in time, but once I ordered my package arrived in 5 days , so I had a whole week left before the wedding to perfect my recipes. I’m honestly glad I got new blades anyway because I didn’t realize just how dull my old ones were.

The wedding was a huge success (plenty of homemade almond butter cookies) and Kitchen Works Inc has such an extensive variety of kitchen supplies I’ll probably end up going back for any of my future needs!


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