Preparing shroom tea – Yes, Shrooms Can be Taken as Tea

Magic mushrooms, or more known as shrooms, have been considered to be one of the most popular names in the world of natural psychedelic and therapeutic substances that can be used safely by humans.

When you say magic mushrooms, the most common thing that people think in terms of consuming it is they are commonly sold in the form of edibles, or as ingredients that can be used in cooking and preparing foods.

But did you know that aside from taking them as edibles, you can also take the shrooms in the form of tea? Yes, you have read it right. But how this be possible? If you are interested in how shrooms can be made into tea, or if you want to try it as well, then you better read on to find out more.

Yes, You Can Take Your Precious Magic Mushrooms In The Form of Tea

It might sound pretty to some of you, but the concept of shroom tea has is no longer a new one, as it has been made for a quite long while already.If you think that taking shrooms in the form of tea is a hard thing to do, hear this out – it is one of the easiest ways to consume your magic mushrooms.

Since Shrooms Can Be Taken As Tea, How Can You Actually Do It?

Now that you know the fact that you consume your magic mushrooms in the form of tea, it is time for you to know the ways of preparing them for you to enjoy the tea and its effects.

The most common way to make shroom tea is by means of what they call hot water preparation. This is the method where you are going to run the hot water through the shrooms in order to extract the necessary substances that give off the well-known effects of magic mushrooms. It is just like the normal way of preparing your regular tea.

Aide from that, another way for you to prepare your shrooms to turn them into your delicious tea is by means of performing what they call the lemon juice preparation.

Sure. Lemon juice may just have a lot of similarities with water. But there have been a lot of testimonies and feedback from a number of people who have tried using lemon juice to make the tea with shrooms who say that the substance from the lemon juice can actually enhance or increase the effectiveness of the substances that gives off the beneficial effects of the magic mushrooms.

Aside from these, there are other ways of preparing shrooms as a tea, such as combining the shrooms with other plants and ingredients that are normally used in preparing tea, in order to achieve the same taste like the regular tea – with the addition of the shrooms’ effects.


Magic mushrooms can be consumed in many ways. The most common one is through edibles, but you can try them as tea. Don’t be afraid to try out the new ways of taking shrooms, as they are also giving off the same beneficial effects to your mind and body.


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