Prevent Hazards and Germs With Clean Floors

Having a clean floor is not a privilege; it is a necessity, especially in public places where there is a lot of foot traffic. For example, bathrooms, schools, businesses and stores. Having filthy surfaces can lead to injuries from slipping on neglected spills or health issues from a collection of germ embedded in soft areas such as a carpet. That is why used floor cleaners are good investments for businesses that care about their staff and clientele.

A reputable custodian company that sells cleaning supplies is able to provide businesses a variety of equipment that can fit into their budget.

Cleaning Devices They Offer Include –

*Carpet Extractors- As mentioned previously, carpet is a magnet for dirt and germs. People with allergies suffer the worst. This piece of equipment works great in eliminating tough soiled areas by pulling out the smallest particles with its powerful motor.

*Floor Sweepers- Debris and marks on floors can make the whole room look awful, even if thedécor is lovely. The look is completed when you have shiny and sanitary walking spaces. The floor sweeper has the ability to restore surfaces that were defaced, without wasting a lot of time in scrubbing with a brush or mop.

*Floor Stripping- When you need to get rid of old wax in a hurry, the floor stripping machine is one of the used floor cleaners that you want to get your surface area ready for a new coat of wax.

This is just a small sample of cleaning tools that can help improve the appearance of your business.

Is Buying Used a Good Investment?

Some people are concerned about purchasing used equipment. But, if you deal with outstanding janitorial supply services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your device is reliable and with proper maintenance, it will last for many years.

Refurbished items go through a stringent and detail checklist. They are taken apart and thoroughly examined; expert technicians will see if it is worth salvaging. If not, it is not even considered.

The devices that make it through the inspection will then undergo multiple procedures, including cleaning, parts being restored or replaced and a check of the internal elements. They will also carefully examine the motor, make sure a paint job is in place and dents and scratches are all phased-out. At the end, the technicians will operate the cleaning apparatus for 20 minutes before giving it the green light.

Overall, at least three major evaluations and testing in between each one are standard in making sure that used floor cleaners are in stellar condition for their customers.


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