Pueblo car accident: Tips for getting a fair settlement

Every year, a significant number of car accidents, collisions, and crashes are reported in and around Pueblo. Colorado is a fault state, so if you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. While there is no one figure of ideal compensation, some aspects can influence your case. Here are some quick tips for getting a fair settlement. 

  1. Get a lawyer. Although not mandatory by law, you may want to hire a car accident lawyer in Pueblo as soon as possible. The right attorney can guide on your rights and legal options, and they will ensure that your settlement is maximized. Lawyers also have a big role in how people deal with the insurance claims’ adjusters. 
  2. Take evidence seriously. You must have enough evidence to prove that you have suffered losses and injuries. Take photos of the accident scene and note down details of other drivers, witnesses and other people involved in the incident. Medical records also have a big role in proving your case. 
  3. See a doctor. You may feel that your injuries are not severe, but with time, things can get worse. Make sure to get medical attention, even if you are not in extreme pain. Also, let the doctor know that you were injured in a car accident. If you visit your primary care doctor, they will most certainly refer to a car accident injury doctor. 
  4. Inform the insurance company. The statute of limitations that applies for personal injury lawsuits doesn’t apply to insurance claims. You must inform your own insurer and insurance company of the at-fault party about the accident within a reasonable time. 
  5. Don’t admit fault. The insurance claims adjuster may ask for a statement, but you don’t have to admit to anything. You can refuse to admit fault, even when you believe that you have a fault. Do not blame the other side either, but wait for your attorney to take action. 

Stay away from social media

Don’t feel stimulated to share details of the car accident on social media sites. Anything that you post publicly can be used against you. Also, ensure that you keep conversations with your attorney as private as possible.

A good car accident lawyer knows how to build a case, and they can work on all details, while you stay back home and recover. Call a lawyer right after the car accident. 


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