Read This to Know How Car Shipping Can Be Done for Students

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If you look at the data then you will come to know that about 100,000 car crashes take place almost every year mostly due to rash driving, particularly among young drivers. Therefore, if your child is taking admission in any college or university and wants to take his car, then better get his car shipped through a transporter rather than driving by them on the highways.

By reading this piece of writing, you can learn about car shipping for college students that you can do with the help of Ship a Car, Inc. which is a well-known car shipping company available in the country.

Let us share these 3 steps that you need to follow for scheduling the car shipping for your child who is joining university soon.

1.     Decide the day of joining

First of all, after discussing with the college authority and your child, decide which date will be appropriate for your child to join the college and when he will need his car. Certainly, it will not be possible that the car will reach its destination on the very first day when college starts.

Also, on the very first day, all classes may not start properly too. Your child has to think about many other things to settle himself down at the new location. So you need to plan in such a way that the car should reach after your child has settled himself down in his new location.  

If the car reaches after a day or two it should be quite ok for your child to receive it.

2.     Determine the distance to be traveled

Try to find the distance of the college from your place. As such, drivers for car shipping are permitted to drive a maximum of 500 miles in a day as per the DOT rules. Therefore, if the distance between the college and the starting point is say 2000 miles then the car will not reach before 4 days.

So, your child will get enough time to get settled in his new place and wait for the car to reach. After the car reaches he will become familiar with the roads of his new place. Therefore, after receiving the car, he can easily drive back to his hostel comfortably.

3.     Book your car well in advance

While booking your car at the transporter, you have to understand that the car shipping company will not transport your car on the same day. It may take about 5 to 7 days to ship your car.

Therefore, keeping in view of all these, you need to book your car well in advance so that timings can properly match and your child should receive the car at his new location within a week after he has comfortably srettled himself at his new location.

Even if you consider it an ideal circumstance, with all probability your college student child will be without his car for almost a week after reaching his university.

So, you need to plan everything regarding the car shipping of your student child by considering the above three points.

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