Should You Put your Blog on your CV?

Should you put your blog on your CV? Can the blog become an asset to make the difference between you and the other candidates? If yes, how to present it so that it is perceived as added value by the recruiter? Are there situations where it is preferable to ignore your blog? We are going to answers those questions here.

The Reasons Why You Should not to Talk About your Blog in your CV

The fact is that sometimes, you cannot put your blog on your Curriculum Vitae. There are cases where it is probably best not to mention this activity. For instance, when you blog anonymously, or when your blog is too personal. A blog where you share your family life, where you criticize the world of work, where you tell of the catastrophic atmosphere that reigned in your last open space may not have a place in a professional discussion.

Moreover, you should not add your blog in your resume if you are not specifically looking to take care of it. If you are not a spelling control freak, if you have kept the default design of your blogging platform, if you are not really looking to make good photos, forget about that website while applying for a job! In short, your blog had nothing to do in your CV if you manage it in a cool way and if it does not reflect the thoroughness that you can have in work.

When Should You Consider Putting your Blog in your CV?

Very often, it is not your hobby that interests the recruiters when you keep a blog. On the other hand, they may want to know what your hobby reveals about you. Through your passions, your projects, the headhunter can extract a lot of useful information about you. They can get an idea of ​​your character and how you will integrate (or not) in their company. They can assess qualities such as thoroughness, creativity, initiative, etc.

A quality blog helps recruiters identify operational and strategic skills of yours. Some blogs quickly become real small businesses for their author, which involve not only managing operational tasks (writing, community management, photo, video, etc.) but also developing a communication strategy or even manage commercial, etc. So, if you have that kind of blog, mention it clearly when you create a CV with CV Creator. Just make sure to choose the perfect CV template so that every element will be seen by the employer.


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