Some Challenges Faced By University Students And How To Cope With Them?

Although time spent at university like Bangkok University is for most people a pleasant memory and a joyful experience, university life is not without its rough patches. The condition of each student is different; however, there are a couple of problems that more or less all university students deal with at least once during their school time. If you’re on your way to college, you’ll get a leap about how to handle the obstacles that might come your way.

Challenges/ Problem faced by Students:

  • Homesickness for university students is a popular and common challenge, particularly for all those who are quite far from home and during their first year of school.
  • Increased stress and sleeplessness may lead to health problems. Living in close quarters also poses health hazards, and may increase the chances of a student contracting some virus.
  • Buddies and are essential for social fun. Yet it can be complicated to spend some time next to each other. Disputes can come up.
  • There is tremendous pressure to select a major. It’s easy to assume your major can decide your career in the future. And how much money you can earn from that.

The solution to the problems.

  • If you from home within a convenient day’s drive, then decided to visit your home once a month or two. Tell family and friends to send packages, phone calls, and emails. These measures may help to reduce feelings of homesickness drastically.
  • Eat balanced, healthy food. Get also a good night’s sleep. Keep the disease on your hands; visit your university clinic.
  • Take a little time off on your own. Get off university for a break and visit a cafe or shopping center, if necessary. If conflicts arise, and you need help, involve your RA or some other friend.
  • Majors at colleges are relevant, but they are not chiseling your career in the future or earnings into stone. Do whatever you like. If you’re unsure which major to choose from, choose something big and flexible.

If you are also facing some problem, you can easily cope with them by following the solution.


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