Technology And Free Background Check

The internet is the treasure trove for all kinds of background information. Whether to check anything about your date or your new tenant, one will get all the information from internet. Although the paid checking is expensive there are ways for free background check through public records that are stored in social media.

But before checking somebody else’s background, one should check their own. Because any follies in character can prevent someone from having a good job or rent a house. That information would be gathered from any inaccuracies that are related to your personal or professional deed.The potential land owner or renter or vehicle seller whom you’re approaching to, must have done a little background check of yours. That’s why we doing the free backgroundcheck of one’s own is very crucial.

Ways to do a background check:

There are two different ways to check somebody’s background. One is that you can simply Google the target’s name putting it in inverted commas. Also you can provide the potential other information related to your search. That way the search engine will be able to look for the perfect name of the particular target.

Social media:

Another way you can check the background is through social media. In social media the target of your choice adds information voluntarily. Various social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn provides a lot of information about an individual. The information may not be concrete always, but lost of the times it’s genuine or relatable to the person you’re searching for.

Facebook is one of those easy options to dig dirt. One can find the most basic information about somebody from Facebook. The basic information like the email address, phone number, birthday, workplace, friends etc can be found in facebook depending on the privacy settings of the individual. If that particular account of your local search has kept things private, one may not find much information in there for background check.

In case the account is private, one can go to Google and search the Facebook id. Google will search the information from the Facebook domain and provide search result from the account, even posts from a facebook group.

In LinkedIn you will only get the professional details and workplace details. Since this social media site is mainly job related people don’t provide any personal details there. But for background check this website is reliable as people provide genuine information about their background and qualifications.

Both Instagram and Twitter is used for gathering personal data of an individual. People generally post their personal details and share their personal life in Instagram. And through twitter one can get the person taste and opinion of an individual. These two are not that reliable for background checking but some details regarding one’s accommodation, lifestyle, habits, character is being reflected from these two sites.

Criminal database checking is one of those most searched database. You may not want to know about the financial background of a middle school teacher, but the criminal background check is mandatory. Also for seeking a babysitter the backgroundcheck is very important.


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