The 4 Best Apps for Aspiring Cannabis Cooks

Every marijuana enthusiast knows how to enjoy the plant and any product made using it. To elevate your consumption, why not try to whip up marijuana-infused food and drinks for you and your friends? If you find this plan enticing, then you should check out these apps.

Top Mobile Apps for Cooking with Cannabis Products

  1. Weed Cookbook 2

This app is teeming with a whole lot of marijuana-infused recipes, from drinks and foods to desserts and snacks. If you are only starting with your cannabis cooking, then this is definitely for you. This app contains detailed step-by-step instructions, complete with a list of ingredients and a photo of the finished dish. For easier navigation, you can choose among a variety of categories including kinds of butter and oils, tinctures and meal recipes.

  1. Dessert Recipes with Photo Offline

Desserts are a good place to start with, especially as these are delicious and enjoyable for many individuals. In fact, cannabis enthusiasts who have the case of the munchies often satisfy their cravings with desserts. Moreover, cannabinoids bind well with fats and dairy, which many dessert recipes contain. By getting this app, you will have a lot of tasty recipes to experiment with using marijuana.

  1. 8,500+ Drink Recipes Free

Aside from desserts, you can also experiment with beverages, especially those that make use of milk and other dairy products. You can make our favorite milkshake flavor a much more enjoyable one by adding CBD oil. Moreover, you can infuse CBD products into fruit shakes, smoothies and mocktails.

The app has a variety of categories including cocoa, coffee/ tea, milk/ float/ shake, and cocktails. Just make sure to leave out the alcohol when making punches or party drinks to ensure healthy and safe consumption.

  1. Cannabis Strains Database

If you are intending to level up your cannabis cooking, you might want to do so by making your own marijuana-based ingredients. This includes CBD oil, butter and other similar components. While Weed Cookbook 2 will teach you how to make these, it is important to know the best strains to help you get your desired effects. Cannabis Strains Database is a good resource to know which variety of the plant can help you achieve your goals. 

Making CBD edibles and drinks can be a lifetime passion for an enthusiast just like yourself. To hone your skills and learn new things, make sure to try out these mobile apps.


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