The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children That Aren’t Toys

Holidays are fast approaching and gift-giving season is about to kick off. When you think of people closest to you, you automatically know what to give them. You know exactly which gifts your children would be crazy about. Toys would surely make it to the top of the list.

Most children love receiving gifts during the holidays. Parents do love seeing their children surprised when they open their gifts for them. That’s why toys are still one of the leading holiday gifts in 2020. But what if you’ve already given your children enough toys? 

If that’s the case, you may need to give your kids something different this time. Enough of toys for this year. Try giving them useful things that they can also enjoy. If you don’t have any idea what to gift them this coming holiday, we got you. Here are some non-toy holiday gifts you can give your kids:

Vacation trip

A holiday getaway may sound exciting for the whole family unless your children don’t want to go with you. That’s one of the problems with holiday vacations. There’s a possibility that not all the family members may agree on the destination. So if you’re going to gift your kids a family trip this holiday, make sure that they get to choose the place. This is something that may need planning for a long time. From booking your tickets to finding accommodations, it’s going to be a lot of tasks. You need to know what destination your kids want to visit.

Get this information months before your planned vacation. You can get hints from your kids by asking them questions. Save up for the trip and book your tickets and hotel rooms in advance. Surprise your kids with a trip that they’ll surely love.

Art lessons

Supporting your children’s talents may be one of the best things you can do for them. If they’ve expressed interest in taking classes for a craft that they love, encourage them. Do this by enrolling them in an art lesson of their choice. This will introduce them to new heights of enthusiasm for the field they’re trying to master. Aside from making them happy, this can also help them with their studies.

Research cited that taking art classes can boost your children’s academic performance. So, it’s not just helping your kid hone their skills. It’s also giving them academic leverages that’ll be very useful too. Let your children aspire to be the artist they want to be in the future. Get them enrolled in art classes they’ve been wanting to join.

Healthy lifestyle

Promote healthy living for your kids at an early age. Give them presents that’ll emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. One example of this is kitchenware for children. If your kids have shown tendencies of love for cooking, this is a perfect gift for them. Teach them recipes that contain balanced diets. It’s going to be a great bonding for you and your children too. You can also pay a visit to your trusted dentist.

Teach your children how essential dental health is. You can also treat dental procedures as your gift of health for them. Another present you can give your kids is the introduction to fitness. Give them kids’ exercise equipment that they can use in their free time. Exercising lightly can help children build a defense against illnesses. Install a basketball ring in your backyard or put a trampoline on your lawn. Give them presents that’ll make them active. Good health is an important treasure that everyone, even kids should own.

Money sense items

The world has become very accepting of consumerism. You have to teach your children about financial responsibilities. You can start by giving them money sense items as presents. A simple wallet can make them have a sense of not overspending. Coin purses or piggy banks can teach your children how to save enough money for something they want. But along with these gifts, you have to teach them about financial literacy first.

Understanding how money is spent and earned will teach them that they have to work for everything that can be bought with money. Promoting financial literacy at a young age can give your children needed knowledge when it comes to money management. You can start building your kids’ money sense. Make them understand the essence of saving and being a responsible spender.

These gifts aren’t given to deprive your children of having more toys. These are just ideas you can follow if you want more meaningful presents for your children. Allow your kids to enjoy their youth while giving them lessons that they can use once they grow up.

Meta title: Give Your Kids the Gift of Fun and Wisdom with these Gift Ideas
meta desc: Toys can certainly make children happy. But most kids lose interest in them over time. Give your children non-toy presents that can be useful for them in the long run.


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