The reasons why PG have outsourced other rental options

Students have a couple of options for   accommodation; one isPG in Velachery or a rented house. Both do have its own set of pros along with cons. For someone who is new to the city finding an accommodation could be a challenge in itself. A general mind- set of the students along with the working professionals is to search for economical options whereby the basic facilities are provided.  You need to figure out what suits your need before you take a plunge forward.


The major benefit of staying in a PG is savings in terms of rent rather than staying in an independent apartment. It is an economical option as all your expenses are shared along with the risks. The independent houses are more costly as there is a lot of space. Mostly they are preferred by families but bachelors like to reside in a group so that the overall cost is known to be divided.

Social security

A better option exists for a single tenant to reside in a PG and consider staying with other roommates in a place. Even in situations of emergency you tend to be in safe hands. There is no need to engage in household chores and most of the time is devoted to your studies or personal needs.


In the trendy fast paced life of today it is a wrong assumption for students to take time out and complete their household chores. If they are busy with their studies or job they are not going to have a single minute to spare. It is sensible to rent out a PG as all the basic facilities from cleaning of house, to maintenance of electrical appliances and switch board is taken care of by the owner. Whereas in case of an independent house the maintenance costs has to be borne by the owner.

Facilities are ready made

This is one of the best parts of residing in a PG as compared to an independent house. Basic facilities in the form of TV, fridge or geyser is provided by PG itself and if it is an independent house you need to fend out these things for yourself. Any furniture needs to be purchased by the tenant itself.


Most of the PGs are known to be providing lunch or dinner and this is included as part of the rent itself. This would mean that the tenant is saved from the hassle of cleaning and cooking. The landlord even gives the utensils. When you are residing in an independent home there are a couple of options, one is to cook yourself or even to hire a cook. This adds up to the monthly expense of the tenant.

To conclude a restriction does exist on the number of visitors allowed visiting in a PG when it is a girls PG. On the entry and exit time there is a restriction and that is the case with working students. When a time limit is imposed on a PG a sense of discipline prevails.

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