The Return of an Old Brand: Nokia

Nokia is one of the phones that defined a generation a couple of years ago. Its basic but likable template has grabbed the attention of millions worldwide, especially people who were looking for a phone that could do everything. The brand catered to these people, and their audience led them to success. But eventually, the brand failed as it tried to penetrate other markets that brands like Apple already dominated.

If we look back in time, it seems that this brand had everything it needed to succeed. It did grow, but only for a short while. Conflicting decisions and its stagnant development have led to the loss of sales. It is still around, but it is no longer the dominant brand we know today. But it is making a comeback. Let’s look into the history of Nokia, how it lost sales in the past years, and how it is making a comeback this year.

The History of Nokia

Nokia started its grand history all the way back in 1865. It began as a paper mill company, eventually leading to various industrial sectors, fixing cable lines. However, in 1987, Nokia actually made its first mobile phone known as the Mobira Cityman 900. It wasn’t the most revolutionary phone at the time, but it held the template for Nokia’s flagship phone: the Nokia 3310.

The Nokia 3310 was iconic because of its extreme durability size and its ability to do almost everything we needed at the time. We can call, text, and play while on the move. It was a good phone, and it sold a staggering 126 million units worldwide, many of which are still functioning today.

Eventually, Nokia fell to the iPhone in 2007, despite having a cellphone model (the N95) far superior to the first iPhone’s specs. Later on, people considered Nokia to be a brand meant for older adults, and it eventually became forgotten by most.

It Was Compact and Had Everything We Needed at the Time

During the early 2000s, Nokia was a known brand for many people worldwide. Its size could fit in anyone’s palm (revolutionary during the late 1990s), and people love its easy-to-learn interface. It also had many utility functions that later phones such as the Sony Xperia would eventually soon follow.

Easy Maintenance and Design

Another reason why Nokia was such a good phone was its maintenance and the parts behind it. So many companies have learned from its structure. For example, if you compare modern repair structures, iPhone repair is among the best out there. But it learned from the simplistic design and parts of Nokia’s basic repair infrastructure: it’s all about using standardized parts to make the entire repair process more manageable.

It’s Sturdy

Lastly, one of the reasons it had such a cult following was how sturdy it was. You might have seen the memes of Nokia’s 3310 being dropped from a tall building and still functioning afterward. This is most likely true because back then, microchips were much bigger and sturdier, not to mention the simplistic but robust casing that Nokia phones have.

It’s always been part of the brand to create phones with a much sturdier design when compared to others in the market. It knows what it does well, and its guns stick it, and that’s why it’s still around today.

The Return of Nokia

Nokia is making a comeback with its newest model, the Nokia 2 V Tesla. It took quite some time for the brand to create a product comparable to the dominant iPhone. The Nokia 2 V Tesla sports one of the best cameras on the market (for its price) while also having at least two days worth of battery life, one of the highest in the market. Experts believe that this is the comeback the phone needs to be in the spotlight once again.

Also, did we mention that the Nokia 3310 is sold once again in the market for $52? People nostalgic about the brand will undoubtedly love to purchase their old phone again.

Nokia is still a billion-dollar company today, but its sales tanked when Apple dominated during the decade. But experts believe that the former brand that used to dominate the market years ago will make a reasonable comeback this year. It might dominate the market like it used to, but people will still flock to the brand because of its well-tested design. It has built a loyal fan base waiting for a new flagship phone that can carry the company to success, and it seems that the Nokia 2 V Tesla is just that phone.

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