The Window Features You Should Look For When Purchasing A New Home

The purchase of a new home comes with so many factors to take into consideration. The first, of course, is whether or not you can afford the cost of the home and we’re not just talking about the asking price. There are so many other expenses that go into owning a home and you need to be prepared for what will come down the line.

You also need to consider the square footage of the home, the area in which it’s located, the school system nearby if you have children, and if the property has value that will accrue. These are all critical areas to examine in the purchase of a home, but did you also know that you should be very diligent about the various components that make up the physical structure of the dwelling?

Perhaps the most important among these are your windows because they have a significant effect on the increase or decrease in the value of the home. So as you are taking a tour of your potential new home, ask the realtor about the windows, mainly how old they are. If it’s a brand new home then you probably won’t be buying new windows anytime soon, but for those older houses, if the windows are older than 15 years it’s going to be time to purchase replacement windows winstonsalem nc.

For those homes that already have new or newer windows installed, here are some of the window features you should look for when you are purchasing that new home.


It all starts here. If the windows don’t work correctly they’re not doing you much good. So try them out. If they stick when you try to move then or something is preventing them from opening all the way, then you’re going to be looking at a repair at the very least or a full replacement of the window in a much shorter period of time than expected.

Give them a close examination to see how well they’ve been cleaned and maintained. Windows that are well-cared for will obviously last longer.


Since you weren’t there when the windows were installed, you need to ask about how that process went at the time the windows were put in. Find out who did the work and if there were any problems at the time of installation. This is important because a poor install can be a headache since windows that aren’t installed correctly can cause all kinds of problems such as leaks, reduced energy efficiency, and even water damage.


While you’re getting all the paperwork and documentation related to the installation of the windows, you should also get all the information you can on the window warranty as well. First off, find out if you are able to assume the warranty from the previous owner. Most window companies will allow for a warranty to be changed over from one party to the next but it’s good to make sure. Better to be safe than sorry later on.



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