Top Tips For Choosing Your Own Private Chef

High quality catering is one of the all important elements of any social party which can make or break an influential event of the year. Choosing the right chef for your planned get together is crucial to not only give the best experience for your guests, but so you can also get the most out of your money too.

If you’re looking for a Milan catering service, or servizio catering milano to our Italian readers, here are our top tips on how you can get the best caterer for your budget and needs.

Check out the reviews

Reviews can be given for any service or product available on the market to buy. These reviews are gold dust when you’re researching for the best out there. Reviews come from real people and previous customers, so hearing what they experienced with a potential catering service is a key insight.

When searching ‘catering Milano online, also take into account the recurring features. Many reviewers often leave up to three examples in their comments so look for the main tick boxes which are important to you and see if the company weighs up to your expectations.

Check the background  

As well as looking in to customer experiences with your potential catering services, looking in to their background can also be a deciding factor. 

On paper, menus and a long list of possible food options may look enticing, but what lies behind the service makes a vast difference. By hiring a private chef who has extended experience in the catering industry it is likely they will be able to offer you more personalised options which cater towards your needs, instead of providing some pre set options. 

Safety and hygiene

Incredibly important while working around food and in the kitchen. Procedures and special training must be undertaken and adhered to in order to provide safe services for all clients and their guests. Undercooked food or cross contamination can cause illness among guests and even fatalities where it comes to allergies, so it is of imperative importance to check your prospective caterer holds all the necessary health and safety certificates.

Food sources and their suppliers

For the amount of money you pay for a private chef, you expect the ingredients they use to be top quality and fresh. Hiring someone who gathers everything from a supermarket doesn’t come up to scratch with the image of profile of a private chef, so look around to see if your chef uses fresh, local ingredients to create unique and delicious meals.

Communications and first impressions

Not all private chefs give taster sessions of their menus due to the time and costs involved, however there are ways you can get a good look at them as a business and professional. Communication is key so you can get the service you want without being left confused or overcharged. Your ideal hired chef should be fast to respond to messages and friendly at all times.   


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