Various functionalities of a pdf converter

PDF is the world’s most used format of file storage. As there are several benefits of storing data in the form of pdfs, people are considering this format. You can easily find a free pdf converter online with the following abilities and functionalities.

Abilities of a pdf converter

You can find the pdf converter capable of doing several things. Some of these abilities of a pdf converter are as follows.

Word doc to pdf – The primary task of all the pdf converters is to convert a Word or text document into a pdf file. Since word documents will allow anyone to edit them easily, you can use these pdf converters to protect them to an extent. You can convert documents containing text, images, and other elements created using software like MS Word.

Excel to pdf – Most businesses will be working with excel or spreadsheets. So, you can also use the pdf converters to convert these excel files into pdf documents to protect them from being edited easily.

PNG to pdf – The difficult times for people who deal with documents will be when there is a necessity to convert the content of an image into an editable document. For instance, PNG images of documents will be used and you may have to convert them into text. So, you can use the pdf converter to do so. As PNG images cannot be edited, you can convert them into pdf and then into word to edit them. You can also convert JPG files into pdfs using these converters.

Editing an existing pdf – Let us assume that you are having a pdf file already and wish to make some changes to it. You can easily do so with the help of a pdf converter. Either you should convert it into a Word doc and edit, or you can edit directly.

Adding watermark – You may wish to add your company’s watermark to all your documents. In this case, you can use the watermark option of the pdf converters to add according to your requirements. Once you set a watermark, you can convert all your files into documents containing this mark.

E-sign – Your organization may also want you to add the e-sign of a certain individual or the company’s seal on all pages. The pdf converters can also help you with this with the e-signature option.

Compress files – Almost all pdf converters will let the users compress files to a greater extent for better usage without any loss of quality.

Split and merge – Sometimes, you may wish two or more pdf files to get merged into a single document. Else, you may wish to go with the contrasting operation of splitting a single file into several documents. You can do both of these using pdf converters.

PDF to all other formats – Similar to the ability to convert files of other formats into pdfs, you can also do so in another way. For instance, you can convert a pdf file into files like Word, Excel, PNG, and much more.


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