What Happens To The Bet On A Cancellation

Anyone who has been involved in sports betting for some time will have come into this situation once, where a game is cancelled. In general, this game is then rated with the odds 1.0, which should probably know the majority. But what happens if a game is subsequently cancelled? This case is quite rare in practice, but it can happen. This article, therefore, deals with the consequences of a subsequent game cancellation.

Why Is A Game Cancelled?

The reasons why a game is cancelled are many. As a rule, a cancellation is related to irregularities during the game. These can be triggered in several ways. In case of grave mistakes and a subsequent action game may be removed also possible adverse effects of a betting scandal. Usually, the cancellation will be said in 24 hours.

What Happens To The Bet In A Game Cancellation?

After a sporting event has ended, the result will be announced by an independent body of the league or sport. Usually, this happens within a few seconds, so that the bets can be settled accordingly quickly. It is now common that this governing body has 24 hours to change the outcome of the game. If this happens within the given timeframe, the paid bet or free bets is usually cancelled by the bookmakers as well. Assuming at the end there was no winner after the body has been adjusted, the bets will be voided and therefore awarded a quota of 1.0. For the player, this results in only a minimal disadvantage, but at least no loss. If it is a single bet, the corresponding stake is refunded. In a combination bet, the game is also scored with a 1.0. Thus, the player still wins a part of the maximum possible profit.


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