What is high stakes poker and everything about it:

The very famous poker game show named high stakes poker which was aired on January 16 2006. The last episode which was aired on television was May 21 2011. It was a very popular show based on poker. In this game, the players play in No-Limit Texas Hold’em. It was mainly a cash game show based on poker. In this game show many participants take parts including professionals and amateur. Many poker fans believe that it was the best show that has been on television about poker.

This show has a total of 7 seasons which consist of 98 episodes; each one is 43 minutes long. In spite of the long episodes poker lovers always watch this show. Many people have learnt a lot of tips and tricks from this show. And later on, wins money after using those tips in poker tournament. But finally, this show has come to an end in May 2011. It was sad news for all the poker fans.

The key moment of this show

In 2nd season of this show, Gus Hansen won $575700 by beating the full house of Daniel Negreanu. This was a complete shock to Daniel because he has the 94% chance to win the game. But eventually Gus Hansen won the match with his four five and a kicker of eight. This was one of the best matches in high stakes poker history. The poker player uses the tricks that were being used by Gus Hansen to win more in tournament.

This show has taught many things to poker players

By this show, poker players have learnt a lot of tricks that were used in this show by the professional players. There were many tricks used in this show in this entire show that people can learn.


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