Why Your RIS PACS Should Be on the Cloud?

Top 3 Reasons to switch to RamSoft's Cloud RIS/PACS in 2020 - RamSoft Inc.  Healthcare IT

Here are the 3 chief reasons why we think your clinic needs cloud calculating for greater patient care.

Cloud computing from radiology has existed for more than two years now, and the advantages are undeniable. In reality, Salesforce, the #1 worldwide CRM had conducted a research study, which concluded that cloud computing permits companies to”more effectively run their associations, better serve their own clients, and dramatically increase their entire profit margin” (Salesforce).

They also have concluded that 94 percent of companies saw an improvement in safety after shifting into the cloud PACS

While most from the radiology industry still have doubts and worries about cloud computing, Companies are deploying its own online solutions for more than a decade over the cloud and our clients have experienced significant gains from it. Moving into the cloud isn’t a thing of the long run, it is here and functioning well.

 That’s the reason we think all radiology practices must transition into the cloud!

Listed below are 3 Important Advantages of bettering your RIS/PACS from an in-house host to a protected cloud information centre:

1) Reducing Business Costs

Radiology practices which have their RIS and PACS on the cloud don’t need to think about maintaining or updating local servers and back-ups because it’s constantly up-to-date and secure about the cloud. Less day daily care must secure and keep your individual information since the cloud support provider requires a share of the obligation. Additionally, boosting your clinic dimensions is simplified over the cloud since you are able to correct your storage requirements based on demand rather than restricting your growth into the size of the regional server.

2) Implementation and Service

Since the cloud is powered by the most recent technology in processing and storage power, keeping and deploying solutions remotely is quicker and handy as it doesn’t take a tech to go onsite to set up. Even after installation, customer use of support is equally as simple and convenient because everything is done remotely.

3) Disaster Proof and Secure from Threats

With all information and graphics on the cloud, your diagnostic imaging information is protected from natural disasters since it’s saved and backed up with numerous servers in various locations. Additionally, your patient information is preferable to the cloud from dangers since it’s preserved by specialists that focus on data protection.

Unite for Better Patient Care

Yes, even the cloud brings each of these advantages to healthcare clinics and, possibly, more. Together with the cloud, radiology practices may give the potential for wider interoperability and integration with other programs. For individuals, this means fewer wait instances, remote access to reports and images, ease of scheduling, quicker identification — in other words — greater patient care.

Join us in this journey of enhancing patient care and creating health care practices more effective and protected. Migrate into the cloud and realize the return on investment over the first month. I hope you like reading this article.


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